A Tale of Two Men

Lets look at  what Former Director Comey did at his Senate hearing which made it so damming for him not President Trump. Regarding legality US Code 18 and US Code 641, If the then director of the FBI thought that in fact, the present United States was obstructing justice he had an obligation to go to the Department of Justice and have a file open and report it. If you don't, it's a crime. Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation has a meeting with the President of the United States he takes notes from these sessions.  He does not release them to anyone but gives the memo to a friend of his a Columbia Law Professor to leak it to the New York Times. He did this because the President in a tweet said you better be careful because it may be on tape.  The contents of that memo  was already reported in the New York Times the day before the president tweeted anything. He claimed in the Senate I did this to get a special counsel. He said these are his personal documents but its actually our governments property according to the Federal Records Act and Record Management Act. US Code 641 it is a crime to convert government property and convey it to somebody else punishable by ten years in jail.  Comey also signed a nondisclosure agreement that he will not disclose records or raw data  and he may be criminally prosecuted.  It doesn't matter that he's been fired and is no longer the director.  
General Flynn is investigated for far less. At least General Flynn is not a political hack but served his country with distinction. Mr. Comey, you should be embarrassed for where we are. In the end, the termination of Mr. Comey was correct by President Trump and the Russia mania was just a smoke screen to attack both Gen. Flynn and President Trump. Notice intelligence leaking has slowed since Mr. Comey's dismissal.