Every US President Learns

Brokering a significant Middle East peace with the  "Palestinians" and the Israelis talking to one another is not new it been around since Jimmy Carter. Donald Trump with Mahmoud Abbas Palestinian Authority leader at the White House said they could broker such a deal. 
Abbas stated that Jerusalem is the capital of Palestine, Palestine will recognize Israel if Israel recognizes Palestine and that Israel must with withdraw to pre-1967 borders. First of all, Palestine is not a legitimate state it is an entity according to U.N. This is very unlikely in that many Presidents of both parties have attempted this and failed it's an impossible even when both sides recognize the others right to exist. On issues like Jerusalem and who controls it forget UNESCO. 
Every new president thinks it's worth trying, President Trump who wrote the book the "Art of the Deal." In the book, he believes this is a starting position. The President's good faith belief, he believes he will make it happen but some issues are close to unsolvable.  Unresolvable after the passage of 69 years the President cannot go back and change  Middle East peace with the Israeli Palestinians because of Hamas and Fatah.  The President today was together Abbas, he must realize you're not dealing with a collective group representing all Palestinians.
The Palestinian Authority wants to be controlling Judea and Samaria.  The issue of Jerusalem is non-negotiable.  President Trump should move the American embassy to Jerusalem by not waiving the Embassy Act passed by Congress.  President Trump is going to Jerusalem for the 50th anniversary of the liberation of Jerusalem in the 1967 war. He must maintain his campaign positions.
For 69 years pushing the two state solution, the idea that there is the State of Israel and the Palestine Entity is not going to work. It's not a question of where you draw the line what percent of the West Bank would be in the new Palestinian State.  The real issue is what kind state it is like today every indication is it would be a terrorist state with Hamas and  Fatah.