The Press Went To The Republican Jewish Coalition Looking To Run Down Trump

This past weekend the Jewish Republican Coalition met in Las Vegas. The press mainly Politico use the event to drive uncertainty, fear, and doubt about the solidarity of the Jewish people and Pres. Donald Trump.

It is incredibly disheartening that people would report that Sheldon Adelson  and this group would call out the President for one minor infraction that has been over amplified by the mainstream media

The press was looking for the response to the anti-Semitic comments question that was posed at his press conference.  They went from delegate to delegate trying to find people that would condemn Trump for not speaking out earlier on the rise of anti-Semitism. I am sure that most of the delegates did not expect their responses to be published into a news article.

There exists a schism between the representatives who do not believe it is helpful for during the first several months to attack the President for issues dealing with Judaism.  I cannot agree more that it is not appropriate given his complete support for Israel and the Jewish people.  They do not remember Pres. Barack Obama how antagonistic he was to all Jewish causes including trying to force two state solution through the Palestinian Authority and the UN  abstention.

The representatives as in any informal situations debated Trumps position in the Middle East peace process. The press stood by and reported these conversations as a non-United group of Jewish leaders. This is shameful since all of them saw Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Pres. Trump during their press conference.

The press also was fishing for statements about the omission of the Jewish people in the administration's statement commemorating Holocaust Remembrance Day.  This was an overreach by the press.

The majority of people in the Republican Jewish Coalition standby the President and understand that just the very nomination of Mr. Friedman for Ambassador to Israel is a statement in and of itself. I think it's very unfortunate when the press tries to create controversy in the community to meet their objectives. So I call upon all people in the Republican Jewish Coalition to speak out against such unfair coverage and defend the President who is incredibly brave in defending the Jewish people and our homeland Israel.  I am also tired of the Anti-Defamation League attacking the president rather than doing their job trying to stop the rise of anti-Semitism