I posted this story on my Facebook page and on two Facebook groups: “Anglos In Israel” and “Only In Israel”.  I received over 200 “likes” and about 40 encouraging messages.  Most of the people who responded are Anglo Olim, people who I do not normally have any contact with, but certainly fellow Israelis with big hearts who reach out to one of their own.  For me, it is an overwhelming truth as to who we are, and as to how we define our ourselves.


"Last week I fell off my bike and fractured my ankle.

So this week I am on crutches.


bicycle accidentbicycle accident
Today I was walking home when an automobile pulls up and a woman inside says something to me in Hebrew which I do not understand.  I explain that my Hebrew language skill is limited.  She then rolls down her window and in English says that I am not holding the crutches properly.  She gets out of the car and explains to me what is wrong with what I am doing.  At her suggestion I reverse the crutches, and she was right.  I thank her profusely, and we are both on her way.

 I guess there are places other than Israel where this would happen. But I know in my heart of hearts, here in the Land of my brothers and sisters, reaching out to your neighbor is an inescapable truth".

The messages of encouragement that I received from my extended Anglo-Olim “family” were in the form of “speedy recovery”, “get well soon”, “refuah shleimah” and “if you need help, let us know”.  For me this was a WOW, a testament to the Holy people in this Holy Land.