I'm listening to a tape by Rabbi Wein on the Haftorah portion for Parsha Noach, the parsha that we will read in our synagogues this Shabbos. The Haftorah portion comes from the prophet Isaiah, and is one of comfort, complementing the Torah portion in which all of humanity except for Noach and his family is destroyed.


Paraphrasing Rabbi Wein: In addition to humanity, Isaiah's focus is on the Jewish people, allegorically characterized as a barren woman, a nation so to speak without a hope and without a future.


The Prophet speaks to the nation in a strong positive voice, saying in effect, "Expand your boundaries; make room for growth.  Because in the end we will see who is around and who is not. 


In 1948 there were 700,000 Jews living in Israel.  Today there are over six million Jews living here, more than an eight fold increase.  So despite Iran, ISIS, BDS, Islamic extremism, and our other tzuris, etc., we are on the move.  Samaria and Judea make some room; we're growing stronger and coming on home .