What do Palestinians want?

On January 18th, Aljazeera published an opinion piece entitled “What is next for Palestine?” by Ramzy Baroud* :

“In this article, I sought the opinion of 14 independent Palestinian intellectuals from across Palestine and the diaspora.  Although they subscribe to different ideological schools of thought and come from different generations and locations, they shared a lot of ideas.”

 I have taken these 14 opinions, albeit out of context, and have summarized the major conclusions that they hold in common.  It some respects it is an analysis of an analysis.  The weaknesses in this method are obvious, starting from who are these 14 opinionators?  However, on some very broad issues there is a consensus, maybe it is representative. Look at the number of x’s, implying agreement. Let’s see:


Unify all Palestinians, including the diaspora: x x x x x x
Establish a financial support system from abroad: x
Maintain the international strategy for freedom and independence: x
Reduce reliance on foreign aid: x x
Use all Legal tools: x x
BDS movement support: x x


Need new leadership: x x x x x x x
Dismantle the PA: x x x x
Reconstruct the PLO: x x x
The PA is an Israeli policeman, end security cooperation: x x


One State solution: x x x x x x x
Revoke the Oslo Accords: x x x x
Right of return: x x x


Armed resistance, intifada (legitimate uprising against oppression), large-scale popular resistance movement: x x x x x x
Dismantle Israel: x


Overall, Palestinians would like to see a unified Palestinian front both here and abroad.  They are dissatisfied with the current leadership and would like to clean house.  They are strongly in favor of a One-State solution and do not want to be tied to what was previously agreed to in Oslo.  Ominously, many look to violence as a means of realizing their objectives. 

* http://www.aljazeera.com/indepth/opinion/palestine-180116110352197.html