Mohamed Hadid shares 'Globalize Intifada' message on Instagram

"Globalize the Intifada" has been heard at anti-Zionist protests, some of which have been held in cities with large Jewish populations such as New York City.

'Death to Israel' student magazine angers Australian Jewish students

 "Glory to the Intifada. Glory to the resistance," said the controversial Australian student magazine On Dit. The Australasian Union of Jewish Students has called for action.

Is a third intifada on the horizon? - opinion

Israeli society seems oblivious to Palestinian suffering. Will Israel wake up only after another intifada?

Palestinianism: The global Intifada - opinion

Palestinianism denies the historical fact that is Eretz Yisrael, and denies the right of the Jewish people to re-establish a state there.


Here's what it was like being a child of the Intifada - opinion

With the murder of my brother Koby in May 2001, much of my life since has been defined by the Intifada.


Israel has overcome past waves of terror and will do so again

NATIONAL AFFAIRS: lsrael overcame the 'knife intifada' and should use similar but improved methods to overcome the current terror wave.


Israelis struggle with new reality of modern terror

According to some Israelis, the recent escalation of violence could mark the beginning of a third intifada.


Former IDF Chief of Staff warns of violence in the West Bank

"This is a ticking time bomb of a lost generation," Eisenkot said. "I do not see how we can reach the end of the conflict or the recognition of the Jewish state.”

Warnings of Palestinian intifada as IDF remains on alert in West Bank

Violence has also been high in Burka, which clashes breaking out between the army and Palestinians there when the IDF closed down the village in the aftermath of the Dimentman killing.

Hamas members burn coffin draped in Israeli flag, rally marking 13th anniversary of Second Intifada

Palestinians: Israeli practices, settler ‘aggression’ will lead to intifada

‘What we are witnessing... is similar to what happened during the First Intifada,’ according to a senior activist.

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