WHAT TO DO? WHAT TO DO? In the end everyone talks.

 Twenty five minutes jogging in the sand this morning….not so bad.  And 70 seconds up the stairs.  I’m beginning to shed some schmaltz.  The question is: What to tell Torquemada (בסאל) tomorrow morning at physical therapy?  Any suggestions? 
If I tell him the truth, who knows what that sadistic S.O.B. will have in store for me.
  I don’t think I can get by with just a fib.  The guy is good at interrogation, he can look into your soul; he has his ways, you know what I mean.  And it is a fact; in the end everyone talks. 
Maybe best to skip the session.  There is a new outdoor pub at the end of Hagaaton.  For 20 shekels I can get a Goldstar on draft, and best of all, the friendly waitperson doesn’t speak Hebrew, but her English is excellent.  What to do?  What to do?

Some friends have helped me come to a decision:

Adam - Gold star. It seems like you've been pondering too much, settle down.

Maor - Beer is always a better choice.

Yoel - Beer sounds good. You can tell them it is doctor's orders.  Glad to hear you are making progress.

Joeph- Go for the beer and skip the session.

Irv - Beer therapy is an up and coming thing. You are definitely on the cutting edge.