Only needs dictate relationship.

 American — Israeli relations are one of mutual needs seen through the prism of policy makers.
Chemistry does not dictate relationships. Personality affect the colour of the content, but not the content.
Israel and America have altered their goals and needs. To do so is legitimate.
We should neither expect aid nor countenance trade of diplomatic restrictions. We affirm the ‘balance’ between US dollars and Israeli technology. We do have similar geopolitical goals and esoteric core values. Losing US support would be a significant blow — but there is no reason why it should happen. There is a world of difference between wanting to be together and having to be together.

History, especially from the Obama era, teaches us not to depend on the US. We should no longer be a supplicant state. We must behave as an independent state. Our economic, financial and geo-politic stances are our own. We are no longer a ‘schnorrer’ state. Nor are we a client state. We should consult and coordinate — but no more than that. We must upgrade ourselves to the status of unique, profound and historical ties from those of a vassal-ally. We are no longer a fledgling neophyte in need of protection.

We are a full-blown state.
We need a mature, deep, sustainable and mutualist relationship.

History, especially from the Obama era, teaches us not to depend on the US. Trump's political base, as is his presidency, are unsustainable. Both the Republicans and Democrats loath him. Pence is the preferred replacement. Trump both incites his enemies and provides them with ammunition to bring him down America heads to an internecine political war. Neither of the combatants will agree to battle over, or for Trump. He will go. The role of the US intelligence service is central. They stopped Clinton for reasons known to themselves. Without their spurious intervention, Clinton would have won. Amongst the many Trump transgressions, there are more than one 'smoking gun.' Israel must apply her policy to take advantage of the change of US policy. We must avoid identifying ourselves with a loose cannon. The US needs and realisation caused the policy change— Trump did not. The person will go; the aims will remain the same.

We must avert devaluation by association.


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