States & States of Mind in the Modern Middle East


With the Arabs in Israel (State or Land) committed to macerating the streets with Jewish blood, we are left to reflect on why the status quo is so.

Israel's problem is one of mindset, especially among its putative leaders. Theirs is not the mentality of Caleb and Joshua, sure of their responsibilities and justification. Rather, the reluctance and half-heartedness of Israeli leaders ineluctably results in political paralysis.

There is an invisible but undeniable copula between one's frame of mind and one's willingness to act, or from the thinkery to the commandery. After almost 70 years of the Third Commonwealth, there is no excuse for a rejuvenescent Jewry to still be doddering in its own homeland, confused about exercising sovereignty, restrained in its basic self-defense, pandering to international public opinion. If Israeli governments and legislators believe they have the right to exist only because the UN said so on November 29, 1947, then they will forever act or refrain from acting to please and appease foreign powers, ever deprived of the self-respect derived from connection to one's heritage.

Knowledge of the Torah/Tanakh (Hebrew Bible) may have waned with the downfall of religion in the modern age, but no Israeli leader should be able to attain power or position without knowing full well that the State of Israel is supremely legitimate not because of the UN or due to the Holocaust but because of 4,000 years of Jewish history in the Promised Land. There are disputed territories and other residents to take account of, but the Jewish People's right to dwell and govern itself anywhere in the Land of Israel is irrefutable and inviolable. By not acting in its national interests, Israel's leadership projects the message that it is unserious about its own cause, that it harbors doubt about its very reason for being.

The Arab mindset is another story altogether.

It boggles the mind that Mahmoud Abbas, arch-terrorist and arrant scoundrel, remains a free man. Under his apparently interminable and patently malignant tenure, the PA refuses to engage in peace talks with Israel in order to deprive Arabs in Israel (Land or State) of hope for the future, while simultaneously inciting Jihadic terrorism in the Arab media, mosques, and schools, thereby guaranteeing their Arab constituents will unleash murder and mayhem. Laced with the arsenic of anti-Semitism and the cyanide of violence from crib to crypt, generations of Arabs have been indoctrinated and inculcated with fatal toxins that prove equally lethal to Jewish Israelis. Their culture is one-dimensional, suffocating, irreparable, irredeemable. They must restart from scratch.

Western liberals facilitate the Arabs' barbarism by dandling them like infants, ensuring their arrested development by never holding them to account for their cruelties, never pressuring them to make verifiable improvements to their 'educational' curricula, media broadcasts, or mosque sermons. The Arabs' hatred and violence is rewarded with massive funding and knowing winks, the tangible gratitude of latent anti-Semites who envy the efforts of manifested anti-Semites. Scratch any BDS ideologue on campus and you'll expose a craven terrorist wannabe jealous of bolder proxies on-site.

Culture is a product, like a tablet or smartphone, and can be scrapped in favor of a better version. Yet the Arabs' culture is not labile given their infantilization by those who know better than to keep them in dirty diapers. The odd Sisi in Egypt or brave imam or sheikh who corroborates the Jews' claim to Israel cannot reverse the tidal wave of Jidahist hatred alone. The funding and foreign support should be wholly theirs.

But waiting on the goodwill of Western powers is for fools, and it remains Israel's duty to assert itself on the ground and, only thereafter, before self-righteous and self-appointed global indicters who oppugn from afar.

Leaders do not act to garner pundits' plaudits; they do not internalize the impression hostile others have of them, considering themselves grasshoppers when they are the scions of lions.

Benjamin Netanyahu, a fine rhetor, a suitable manager, is no Yoni Netanyahu. No leader, he has proven his many domestic critics correct. Managers are well and good when all is well and good; leaders are required when there's still much work to be done.

May we all witness the dawning of the day wherein a seasoned Israel fosters and empowers better candidates to strengthen and lead it into a brighter future full of confidence, decisiveness, courage, and self-respect...speedily and in our days.