A Mother's Hatred

Like most people familiar with the history of Israel and its conflicts with various Arab entities, I have become somewhat inured to the violence and hatred routinely demonstrated by Israel's enemies. But every once in a while they do something so disgusting and inhuman it simply boggles the mind.
These two events occurred on the same day, and involve the same revolting behavior. They were both caught on video, so there can be no denying what occurred. In the first, a Jewish father and two young sons were walking through the Old City of Jerusalem, carrying the palm fronds associated with the holiday of Sukkot, evidently on their way to or from morning prayers. Surrounding them, jostling them, pushing them, hounding them along the street, was a pack of Muslim women screaming repeatedly and with evident hostility "Allah hu akbar, Allah hu akbar." The younger of the boys, who could not be more than ten years old, had tears streaming down his face and both were clearly terrified. In the second, a Jewish man is pushing a baby stroller in the Old City, followed by members of his family and also being harrassed by a pack of screaming Muslim women. At one point an Arab man steps forward and actually kicks the baby stroller. In both videos, Arab men line the sides of the street watching and making no effort to intervene. The videos can be seen here and here. Indeed, the boys' father later told the press that the hounding had been going on for some minutes prior, and although they had passed a number of shops, none of the shopkeepers had intervened either.
These families had done nothing to deserve this vicious haranguing. They are not soldiers or government representatives. They were not involved in any demonstration or political event. According to the news reports, they were traveling their usual route to the Western Wall to pray. In modern parlance, they were guilty of nothing more than "Walking while Jewish."
This is not a political demonstration or any kind of justifiable protest. The Muslim women in these videos are demonstrating a level of racial hatred we no longer see in America. What does it mean when women are so infected by hatred that they are immune to a child's tears? When a grown man heartlessly kicks an infant in a stroller?
Golda Meir famously said there would be peace when the Arabs love their children more than they hate Jews. Based on these videos it seems evident that these people have lost all capacity to love any children. Indeed, they have lost all semblance of humanity.