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Golda Meir served in office as the fourth Prime Minister of Israel. She was elected as Prime Minister on the 17th of March in 1969. Previously, she held offices as the Minister of Labor and as the Foreign Minister. She was often referred to as the “Iron Lady” of Israel. She resigned in 1974, the year the Yom Kippur war ended.
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Israel's secret weapon: We have nowhere else to go - comment

Golda Meir’s words are as relevant as ever today, and the past weeks of another mini-war with Hamas and the accompanying spike of antisemitism have only further proven her point.

Grapevine, April 10, 2021: Pure Gold(a)

Movers and shakers in Israeli society.

Helen Mirren

Before Helen Mirren, here are 7 actors who played Israeli prime ministers

It won’t be the first time that Meir has been portrayed in a big production. But Israeli prime ministers beyond Meir haven’t exactly hogged screen time in Hollywood productions over the years.


Helen Mirren will portray Golda Meir in new Yom Kippur War film

The focus of the movie will be the drama of and high-stakes nature of Meir's decisions during the Yom Kippur war.

‘AS THE only democracy in the Middle East, Israel’s legal guarantee of rights has meant that women p

Golda Meir is gone: Israel has a long way to go on gender equality

Golda Meir, who served as prime minister from 1969-1974, was an anomaly. Not only has there not been a woman prime minister since then, but there has not been a women defense minister ever.


'Our Natural Right': Descendants of Declaration of Independence signers

The film tells the historic story through the voices of 10 adult grandchildren, all descendants of original signers of Israel’s Declaration of Independence.


Shira Haas to star in new show about Golda Meir

Barbra Streisand will executive produce Lioness, a drama series about the life of Meir.

New photos show Golda Meir in Yom Kippur War operational meetings

Pictures released show prime minister Golda Meir meeting with top generals and soldiers in briefings

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