Golda Meir

Golda Meir served in office as the fourth Prime Minister of Israel. She was elected as Prime Minister on the 17th of March in 1969. Previously, she held offices as the Minister of Labor and as the Foreign Minister. She was often referred to as the “Iron Lady” of Israel. She resigned in 1974, the year the Yom Kippur war ended.

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Bibi’s Golda moment: Netanyahu is faced with the same situation as Golda Meir

Half a century on, Benjamin Netanyahu faces the same combination of public wrath and political dead end that Meir faced when Passover 1974 approached.

More female representation in government, please

Women are not better than men, but they are also no worse. It is time to meet the challenge laid down decades ago by our one and only female leader.


The deeper resonance of celebrating women each and every year

As long as gender equality exists in this world, Women's History Month and International Women's Day must be at the top of the agenda in Israel.

Yom Kippur War: Newly released archives detail Israel's POW deal with Syria

As part of its collection marking fifty years since the Yom Kippur War, the National Archives of Israel has detailed the role of US Sec. of State Henry Kissinger in the Israel-Syria negotiations.

Israeli Black Panthers founder, former MK Charlie Biton dead at 76

Biton served as an MK for the Communist party Hadash for 15 years, and then endorsed the Shas Party after retiring from political office.


Guy Nattiv’s ‘Golda’ wins Cinema for Peace award

Golda, the story of how Israel’s only female prime minister coped with the outbreak of the 1973 war, shared the prize with two other recent films that deal with issues connected to human rights.

Soviet Jewry's unsung heroes - opinion

Rabbi Jonathan Porath is well-known within his activist and conservative circles. For most of us, however, he is an unsung hero of the movement to liberate Soviet Jewry.


President Biden, there is broad consensus Palestinians are not ready for state - opinion

An open letter to US President Joe Biden.


Golda makeup team makes shortlist for the Oscars

The final Oscar nominations will be announced on January 23 and the awards will be presented in a star-studded ceremony on March 10.

'The Only Woman in the Room': A feminist biography of Golda Meir - review

Most books about Golda Meir in English project her as a celebrity, “the grandmother of the nation,” and gloss over the politics. This book has chosen another direction.

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