golda meir

Golda Meir served in office as the fourth Prime Minister of Israel. She was elected as Prime Minister on the 17th of March in 1969. Previously, she held offices as the Minister of Labor and as the Foreign Minister. She was often referred to as the “Iron Lady” of Israel. She resigned in 1974, the year the Yom Kippur war ended.

Historic Krumbach Torah Ark to be auctioned off in NY City

The ark, made by American soldiers for Holocaust survivors, helped renew Jewish prayer after World War II.

Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked speaks at Kohelet Conference in Jerusalem, October 9, 2018
The NRP – from Golda Meir to Ayelet Shaked

Now we are facing a new stage in the whitewashing of women in public positions.

Shabtai ShavitGOLDA MEIR takes a cigarette break, 1973
Golda Meir wasn't a big fan of Eurovison in archived interview

Meir, with cigarette in hand, is seen holding her head disapprovingly as she references "that festival in Paris, the competition."

Who are the Jews of Ukraine?

Jewish presence in Ukraine predates the first recorded use of the country’s name. Historically, though, they haven’t had an easy life for most of that time.

Gal Gadot
Golda Meir joins Gal Gadot in 'Simpsons' premiere

The first episode of 30th season features a glimpse of 'Jewish heaven.'

A WORKER plows the field in a still from the Christian Broadcasting documentary
Israeli doctors bring cataract eye treatment to the developing world

Before the Start-Up Nation became world-renowned, for 60 years MASHAV exported Israel’s most valuable resource: its innovative spirit.

Know Comment: Gaza prejudice and perfidy

What is Western support for “Israel’s right to exist within secure and recognized borders” worth if those borders cannot be defended?

Golda Meir
Ukraine embraces Golda Meir as hero years after she fled

Born 120 years ago, the fourth prime minister of the state of Israel is now celebrated in a land she once fled from in fear of pogroms and hunger.

An illuminating look at the life of Ben-Gurion

Journalist Raviv Drucker said he was astonished at some of the things he learned while researching for his new Channel 10 series 'The Captains.'

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