The Left Has Finally Succeeded in Making Me Ashamed

 I'm actually shocked. I probably shouldn't be. I have long felt that some of the human rights organizations working in Israel are deeply misguided and biased. But I have to admit, I never expected to hear that these organizations were intentionally funding violent riots in which people are regularly injured and even killed. I never expected to hear that a group claiming to be defending human rights was actually an accessory to the murder of innocents.
Even more disgusting is that these organizations are entirely unrepentant. Rather than disavowing the individuals involved, these organizations have defended them, and even stated their support for these acts.
Let's be honest. The organizations involved in this fiasco represent "human rights" about as much as "Jews for Jesus" represents Judaism. Indeed, they represent pretty much the exact opposite of human rights. By their actions, they are contributing to ethnic discrimination and bigotry, working against coexistence and peace, and doing violence to the human rights of both Israelis and Palestinians.
On the other hand, I have to give credit where credit is due. These leftists have finally succeeded in making me ashamed of something that happened in Israel. I am deeply ashamed that the Israeli police did not catch these criminals and lock them up years ago. I am ashamed that the pathetic Israeli mainstream press was completely unable (or unwilling) to do any real investigative journalism to uncover these crimes before now. And frankly, I am ashamed of the Israeli hard left that has completely lost any semblance of humanity.
To those of you on the left/liberal spectrum who still actually believe in human rights for all people (including Jews) and in peaceful coexistence, it is time to stop coddling these vicious thugs. I call upon you to rise up and vomit out this hateful poison from your midst. If you do not, then by your silence you are as much an accessory to murder as Ezra Nawi.
The rest of us are waiting to see what you will do.
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