Unlock authentic Tel Aviv experiences with some help from these websites

(Image via Flickr by StateofIsrael)
Tel Aviv is a hopping city with lots of cultural events befitting the urban Mediterranean lifestyle, but it can be hard to find them if you've just arrived and/or don’t speak Hebrew. Tourists and new immigrants may find it too challenging to identify and take advantage of distinctly Tel Avivian opportunities that can make staying here more exciting and fulfilling.
Fortunately, there are some amazing web-based resources available in English, curated by expats who have been living in Israel for a long time and are willing to share their insider knowledge.
The secret is out
Secret Tel Aviv is an extremely accessible collection of the latest on what’s happening around town. This is a great resource for finding plays, comedy shows, fashion shows and new and interesting restaurants and bars, many of which may be within walking distance of your Tel Aviv hotel. The website lists short-term sublets as well, so you can find real apartments to stay in. There’s also a "Tickets" section, which lists events in chronological order and includes links to ecommerce sites for direct booking.
The site includes original and curated content, as well as user-generated content which is collected via the Secret Tel Aviv Facebook group. Sign up for the newsletter to receive a weekly list of the top upcoming events, which range from swing dance lessons at a dive bar to Polish art film screenings to live Latin rock performances. 
Follow the threads
If you are interested in clothing and accessory design, you will want to follow Dreed*Tea, the resource for all things fashion-related in Tel Aviv. The site has all the info on the latest local collections, flash sales, as well as where to shop and what to buy. The lifestyle section includes fashion events as well as cultural happenings, travel information and cool exhibits to visit.
The Israeli fashion scene is based on popup shops and boutiques, which are usually advertised only via Hebrew fliers and posters. Dreed Tea provides you with all this information in English, so you can easily tap into the local landscape.
Council at large
Affiliated with the TLV Internationals non-profit organization, the Tel Aviv Arts Council aims to bring together diverse and international communities in Tel Aviv to enjoy creative energy. The initiative, which communicates with its audience strictly in English, partners with local vanguard arts event planners to produce its own co-branded offerings at minimal cost to participants.
Recent events include subversive comedy performances with cocktails, photography lectures, local music industry discussion panels and screenings of human rights-themed documentaries. In lieu of a dynamic website, the Council publicizes its offerings on its Facebook page, where you can see what's coming down the pipeline.
More accessible than you think
The Tel Aviv hipster scene often seems like a closed group that’s hard to break into, but if you know where to look, you can discover all the cool stuff going on around town. Prickly on the surface, Israelis as a whole are friendly and inclusive once you get to know them.
Before you head to Tel Aviv, spend some time investigating what’s going to be happening when you get there. Then you can dig beneath the surface and experience the city like a local.