Any one here know what a queue is?

Any one here know what a queue is? Not in this country at any rate!
Standing in the checkout line at the supermarket. Patiently waiting for my turn. Then, all of a sudden, from out of nowhere appears a person who has the nerve to approach me and say "I've only got two things, can I go in front of you?"
First off all, why do they always choose me? Do I look like an easy touch? Someone who wouldn't say boo to a ghost?
Secondly, what a cheek!!!!!!! So what if they've only got two things - I've only got 320 and I still wait patiently in line. Well not really patiently - inside I am cursing the person in front of me for being to slow, for asking to many questions, for packing their things to slowly or just for breathing - but to look at me you wouldn't know it.
Why is their time more valuable than mine? What if I was a brain surgeon in a hurry to perform a life saving procedure on a young child? Maybe I have the secret to atomic fusion almost cracked and just popped out to get a jar of coffee to get the old (figure of speech) brain cells going at full blast? OK - I'm not, but you get my jist, and if you don't - I don't really care!
Why don't they offer to pay me? For 10 shekels I'll gladly give my place to them? For 20 who knows what I'll do?
Obviously, when approached by such individuals I politely refuse and explain to them that all of us are equal and that all deserve consideration. They nod and say, "You're right, I never thought of it that way." Oh Yeah? Come on - who do I think I'm kidding? I say, "Of course I don't mind" and they happily push in front, pay their money and go home to tell their kids about the idiot they met in the super.
One day I'm going to say no. That my 320 things are more important than their two. That I am a person and have just as much right as the next person to hold up the queue with inane questions and looking for my wallet. That I don't give a shit if they are in a rush - I GOT HERE FIRST!
Mind you, the day I finally do rebel, the person asking to push in will be a short fused, violent animal who will promptly beat the s**t out of me. So, maybe I'll just carry on fuming to myself. It's safer that way and will always give me something to complain about.
Have a nice day! (Now that's a sentence to get annoyed about!)