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Israeli Economist signs agreement to finance investments with Morocco

The two ministries agreed to establish a joint economic team and outline future agreements.

Israel economy strikes back in third-quarter boost

“The Israeli economy has been resilient due to strong hi-tech sectors and lack of flights, which pushed private spending up sharply."

View of Bank Hapoalim branch in central Jerusalem on December 11, 2019.

How did Israel keep a solid credit rating despite having no budget?

S&P gives hi-tech nation a clean bill of health, affirms AA- rating.

Will buying Israeli-made products create jobs or up living costs?

The government is considering turning Netanyahu’s request to buy Israeli-made goods into policy, but the Finance Ministry warns lack of competition will up the cost of living?

Greece, Israel promote investment at regional economic conference

The conference will be attended by, Israel, Greece, the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain and Cyprus and will promote investment in the host countries.


Netanyahu boards ship from UAE to highlight economic boost from ties

“Everything that arrives here will simply lower the cost of living and every citizen of Israel will feel it in his pocket."


TECH TALK:The next step in the evolution of finance

The financial crisis of 2008 highlighted the need to adapt the global financial system to the 21st century.

Lessons from the Great Depression

The global coronavirus pandemic this year has overnight transformed record-low unemployment rates in both the US and Israel to historic highs, around 11%. What can we learn from the past?


Protesters display tombstones for closed businesses in Rabin Square

"As long as the government continues to play roulette with our lives, this cemetery will expand."

Bank Hapoalim

2020 is a ‘lost year’, Bank Hapoalim expert warns

While Israel seems to be doing well in the amount of aid it offers citizens, Professor Leo Leiderman warns that the figure represents ‘the decision, we have no way to judge performance.'

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