If you're over 50 you might as well be dead!

Don't get worried - I'm not contemplating suicide or suffering from some strange illness. In fact the opposite is true, I love life and am fit as a fiddle. Apart from 2 things! The first, I'm looking for a new job. The second – I’m over 50. Now anywhere else in the world this is still young(ish). Employers will look at this person and see someone with a wealth of experience and knowledge that can be brought into action to improve his or her organization. Someone who may not be able to play football like a 25 year old but who can utilize his experience, knowledge and skills to the ultimate benefit of all.
OK - that's fine in the UK, Australia or the USA. Here in Israel - FORGET IT! Even the Ministry of Labor says that if you are over 50 and looking for a job, just come in once a month and not once a week like the "youngsters" of 40.
OK - I have 4 kids, 6 grandchildren, white hair, a beard and a bit of a pot belly. I also like cooking and working in my garden. Is that a crime?
What I do have is 30 years’ experience in the Educational system. Primary teacher, High School teacher, lecturer in a Teacher Training Center, builder of Web Sites, translator, writer of educational and instructional materials in English and Hebrew. I coach Israeli kids in English language skills in preparation for exchange visits to the US and Germany, organize and co-ordinate e-learning projects, run seminars for teachers on Computer and Internet integration with the educational system, manage a computer system with over 120 computers, 3 internet sites and even more. I AM WONDERFULL! I HAVE A VAST AMOUNT OF KNOWLEDGE AND EXPERIENCE IN MY BRAIN! But does it help? Nope - not a bit! Like the title says, in Israel, if you're over 50, you might as well be dead because, when it comes to getting a job - YOU ARE DEAD! Everything I know and have learnt belongs along with the Dodo and the Tasmanian tiger - buried in history.
Why is this you may ask? I don't have the faintest idea! But then, if I was 25 maybe I would be able to see the reasoning behind this specific mindset. But I'm not 25 I'm 66! Still alive, still kicking and still with a lot to contribute. At the risk of sounding provocative - I want to be used!
So, come on all you prospective employers - don't throw the CV away when you see the age. Read on, think about this person and his experience and how valuable it could be to your organization and just give him a chance. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. I promise!