framework for peace


What’s Shabbat like in a Palestinian village?

For much of Saturday, the Jewish activists strolled about Sussiya. Some visitors observed Shabbat and prayed indoors while others rolled cigarettes and unfolded the weekend Hebrew newspapers.

Welcoming the American initiative

Bringing everyone to the negotiating table has become the new goal, not reaching an agreement.

‘Trump peace deal won’t uproot Jews or Arabs’

US President Donald Trump, who until now has not spoken of the two-state solution, intends to recognize a Palestinian state, according to the report.

The accidental Zionist

How a pro-Palestinian Georgetown student became a Zionist.


Surge in diplomacy, action in mediation

Our challenges to make peace the overwhelming reality on a global level are immense. However, we should be able to see the opportunities within those challenges.

WHAT IF Israel was sitting here? Members of the Arab League gather at a recent meeting.

Arab League chief says Palestinians to present peace plan

PA official: "If the Arab League secretary-general is packaging that as a new plan, we have no problem."

Nuseir Yassin in the Philippines

Arab-Israeli covers the world in viral one-minute videos

For the past 328 days, Nuseir has been traveling the world - from Nigeria to Myanmar, the Philippines to Mount Fuji - making daily one-minute videos.

PA President Mahmoud Abbas and French President Francois Hollande, Paris September 19, 2014.

Palestinians put hope in Paris conference as possible 'last chance' for two-states

The Palestinian leadership has lobbied vigorously for the conference for more than 18 months.

Adolfo Kaminsky

Books: A lesson for humanity

The remarkable story of forger Adolfo Kaminsky encapsulates the Jewish experience in the 20th century.

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