Blame the Victim - the Middle East Gambit

 You have to understand the neighborhood and its' culture in order to understand Israel and our culture as well as our policies.
You may or may not know that ten days ago three terrorists - Arab Muslims from Israel - stashed rifles and a pistol in the "Holy" mosque of Al-Aksa, built by the Arab conquerors on the Jewish Temple Mount. The next morning they came out of the Temple Mount to shoot two Israeli Druze policemen in the back, killing them. They were later killed in a gun battle with the police. This is all well documented, and was even caught on tape of the security cameras.
However - there are many Arabs who think this is all fake news. The Arab reaction is typical. It would be funny, except it isn't. On the one hand many Arabs praise the bravery of the terrorists, while some say it's not a good thing to do, from a tactical standpoint, but perfectly legitimate and moral. On the other hand - they deny it ever happened. Some goes as far as saying - as they have often done in the past - that the three guys were killed for no reason, and later the police planted rifles on their bodies. It reminds me of the Arab girl who insisted that the three boys kidnapped and killed by Hamas operatives three years ago were soldiers, and it didn't matter how many times I explained to her that they weren't, and two were just 16 years old, too young to be soldiers!
After the attack the Israeli police put metal detectors at the entrances to the gates leading to the Temple Mount. Sounds logical, right? After all - there are metal detectors in front of many public buildings, including mosques, including the Muslim holy places in Mecca. You would think it's a reasonable response, to prevent a repeat attack, correct? Not for our neighbors.
In the classic Middle East gambit - where the victim is always at fault - the Muslims refuse to go through the metal detectors.
But why, why are these metal detectors different than all other metal detectors, including the ones in Mecca?
Because Islam claims that it has replaced all religions that preceded it. Islam claims that it is the law - and Judaism (and for that matter Christianity) is the law that was abolished and is no longer relevant in the world. Therefore the Arab Muslims cannot accept that the Jews have returned to be sovereign. Therefore - even more important to them - the Jews cannot have any piece of Jerusalem, of the Temple Mount, because that would mean that what they say, that Islam is meant to be sovereign over all the world and all other creeds have been abolished, isn't true.
Those that say and think that there is a political, national Palestinian-Israeli conflict that is over land - are just plain wrong. You have to understand the culture and religion of our neighbors in order to understand what is going on here.
That is why the Arabs make up all these lies about Israel threatening Al-Aksa, in order to incite simple people to violence in the most typical anti-Semitic manner. And, as I wrote last week, the Arab Muslims are afraid that what happened to the Ibrahimi Mosque in Hebron will happen to Al-Aksa, in other words: they will have to share with the Jews, and the Arab Muslims - they don't share.
Friday night another Arab Muslim "hero" broke into a Jewish village, and entered a Jewish home, stabbing to death a 70 year old grandfather, his 47 year old daughter and 35 year old son who was a father of five. Heroism! This 19-year old monster wrote his "will" on Facebook before going out to kill Jews. In it he calls: "Ho! Sons of monkeys and pigs! If you don't open the gates to Al-Aksa I hope that after me many men will come and smite you with steel!"
The gates are open, just go through the metal detector, what's the problem? But hey - how dare the Jews, sons of monkeys and pigs, tell the noble Arab Muslims to go through a metal detector!
Understand? I don't, but that's part of the reality.
However - I am optimistic. Why? Well, besides the fact that optimism comes naturally with being a member of a nation that's over 3,300 years old, I'm optimistic because I know that not all Arab Muslims are like this, and some truly wish to seek peace and love. We must give them the strength to make their views known.