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IDF Temple Mount

IDF reinforces troops in West Bank for Friday prayers

Security services gear up for expected clashes in Jerusalem and the West Bank on Friday amid expectations a large number of Muslim worshipers will try to make their way to the Temple Mount.

Israeli soldier and mass prayer session, Lions' Gate, Jerusalem, July 2017

Netanyahu under pressure to remove metal detectors

After five days of mass protest prayers on the street by Muslims who refuse to walk through the machines tensions are high as Friday prayers draw near.

Temple Mount conflict

Netanyahu: No decision made yet on Temple Mount metal detectors

Israel explaining to Arab world there is no change in Temple Mount status quo

A Beduin woman from al-Aweida tribe sits next to her tent in north Sinai

Israeli minister launches plan to fight polygamy among Beduin

Justice minister calls for joint effort to combat polygamy; Education Minister Naftali Bennett and Sharia Courts Chief support change.

SLAMIC JURIST Hana Mansour-Khatib poses Sunday in her office in Tamra, in the eastern Galilee.

Breaking the glass ceiling in the Shari’a courts

Female qadis serve in the Shari’a courts in Indonesia, Malaysia, Egypt and Jordan, but not in Iran, said Shaked – and up till now, not in Israel.

Jerusalem mosque

West’s refusal to recognize religious basis of Israeli-Arab conflict

A future Palestinian state will have Islam as the dominant aspect of its governing system, despite Western wishful thinking to the contrary.

Muslims pray during Friday prayers on the street near the Murat Pasha Mosque in the old town of Skop

Proper movements in Muslim prayer ritual can reduce back pain

Similar positions found in Jewish, Christian rituals.

US PRESIDENT Donald Trump meets H.R. McMaster, his new choice for national security adviser.

Kudos to Trump for ignoring McMaster

If reports are correct, McMaster told Trump last week that he should cease using the term “radical Islamic terrorism,” so as not to alienate Muslim-majority countries allied with the United States.

Israeli mosque

Cabinet advances ‘muezzin bill’

MK Odeh: This is racist and discriminatory legislation.

HEZBOLLAH MEMBERS march during a religious procession in Nabatiyeh in southern Lebanon last October

We can’t let radical Islam take over the world

It’s clear that Islam as a religion is not the problem, but only terrorists and leaders who are acting in the name of Islam.

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