The Morality of Jewish Sovereignty in the Land of Israel - Part Two

Supporting Jewish Sovereignty in the Holy Land is a Moral Key to Progress
The First World War, the "Great War", caused a deep moral crisis in Europe that echoed throughout the world. At the war's end a new wind of moral clarity blew and a League of all Nations was established in order to prevent a repetition of war. Although the old winds of self-interest also persisted, and in the end the League lacked the backbone to stand up to those old polluted winds, and the strength to back up the ideals with actual deeds was missing – still the concept expressed a great step forward that was morally uplifting. In contrast: WWII went straight from a shooting war to a Cold War that continued for decades, contaminating the U.N. that replaced the League of Nations and has also failed to live up to the dream.
The League of Nations recognized the right of the Jewish people to self-determination in their homeland. This was neither a reaction to anti-Semitism nor did it stem from guilt feelings over the Holocaust that still lay in the future. Rather it was an essential, positive recognition of the basic justice and the moral good in supporting the right of the Jews to return to the status of an independent nation in their ancient homeland. The nations of the world also recognized the fact that the Jews, for over a century, had been returning to their homeland, bringing improvement and progress, long before the formal Zionist movement.
The Land of Israel had been a neglected, backwater part of the Ottoman Empire. It wasn't even a single administrative unit, but rather divided up into several districts. The desolation that reigned there is attested to by numerous witnesses, whether scientific researchers or casual tourists like Mark Twain. Increased traffic of Jews returning, joining those who had always lived there, brought progress, modernity and prosperity, which was a blessing for all who lived there. In spite of this – the Ottoman Empire caused difficulties the Jews and became a hindrance to the Jewish restoration, at the same time it was trying to bring other groups into the land. On the other hand many in Great Britain recognized the truth and justice of returning the Jews to their homeland and the homeland to the Jews. They saw the great moral obligation that Europe in particular had, to right the wrongs inflicted by it on the Jews, those wrongs starting with the Roman conquest and eventual destruction of the Holy City Yerushalayim (Jerusalem) and the Holy Temple. However – the land was not under control of Great Britain.
WW I – the war that some were convinced beforehand could never be, but after the trenches scarred Europe were afraid that it might never end – brought the dissolution of the Ottoman Empire, the empire that had been hindering the Jews in their homeland. Many of the lands of the defunct Ottoman Empire went to the Arabs, but the Holy Land was earmarked – by the League of Nations – to become the Jewish national home. The mandate to facilitate the establishment of the Jewish home was entrusted to Great Britain. Unfortunately the British Empire soon gave preference to its own selfish imperialist wishes and reneged on much of the mission with which it was entrusted. About 70% of the land, originally earmarked for the Jewish homeland, was closed to the Jews and given to an Arab client of the British. The hindrances included curtailing Jewish purchases of land and restricting Jewish immigration to the land – even as Nazi war-drums became louder. Yet despite this and despite WW II and the Holocaust – the Jewish people regained independence. At the same time Great Britain began losing its empire, just like the Ottomans before them.
Similarly – Israel has thrived, absorbed millions of people and progressed despite being repeatedly attacked. At the same time much of the Arab world, which refuses to accept the Jewish state, has unfortunately been in disarray for decades, with the crises worsening in the last few years. Perhaps accepting the Jewish state in the Land of Israel would help them get on their way to stability, prosperity and freedom.
History seems to be saying that acting morally and supporting Jewish sovereignty in all the Land of Israel is a key to progress and success.