Enlightenment of Soul

You don’t converse with anyone,

The radiance has declined to dawn on us,

Notwithstanding the unsurpassed attempts,

But all love you for a ray in the unhappy, sad hearts.


Lit candles of love in the unhappy, dejected hearts;

Assumption about me and my semblance

Is identified on some unknown belief,

That creates confusion, gossip, malice and fury.


You move in the space to build wisdom,

But O love! Bottomless selflessness,

Surge like milk, honey in underground springs;

Transcendent, chaste, virtuous and unsullied.


Springs explodes and attain Moksha;

The external identity and awareness;

The chaste and enlighten self,

Guides and takes to the heavenly world.


Then the ‘Best Self’ demonstrates itself.

Then the delight and bliss of life explode.

Then the self and life become satisfying.

Then the self-enlightenment is absolute.