Man and God

Created by unknown God: gorgeous, wonderful;

Having positive qualities of kindness and care,

Godliness, purity, love and affection.

But deep inside carrying a primitive barbaric man,

With instinct to hunt and slaughter; ravage, burn

And fill the spirit of rivals with horror.


Man incarnates his own gods, in his naughty minds;

Bit by bit fabricate gods myths with fairy-tales,

Load the mind minds with fantasy, fancy and images.

Wishes, doubts, and worries; make waves of fake gods.

The yell, blazes in hearts, and minds in quest of blessing from gods.

Inscribe all the tales of man-made Holy Books.


Jesus, Mohammad, Buddha, and Shiva: all are within;

Compassion, humility, care, and love are in our mind and hearts. 

Created by God, He is for man to guide and purify inner self;  

But the brute man, in his hidden self;

Bang up violently, to raze beautiful world; 

Of innocent creations, to create a disorder.


Love and compassion for fellow creations,

Must rest in our deep self, to control us, seize us, and arrest us.

Rays of Truth dawns on every heart,

The essence of the Almighty reflects there,

To bless with peace of mind and heart,

And go beyond the self, to illuminate the soul.