Why watch Big Brother?

They talk to a fish, and the fish answers in an un-fishlike baritone. The whole scene is so weird, I feel like I am temporarily out of my mind. I know many people who are addicted to the Big Brother television show, so i decided just once to see what all the fuss was about.The world of Big Brother is completley upsidedown, and I have trouble adjusting to it. I am suffering from “Alice in Wonderland” syndrome.
A woman sits in a corner and cries. Her tears run down her cheeks because Big Brother won''t bring her a hairdresser, and she wants to have her hair cut. From time to time she gets up and threatens that if Big Brother won’t get her a hairdresser, she’ll go home. But she certainly won’t, because being part of the Big Brother team is the dream of many Israelis. The strange thing about it is that she doesn’t have any hair to cut! Her head is shaved and nearly hairless, so a hairdresser would really not know what to do with her.
Big Brother sends a young guy to the Big Brother House in Spain. He flies there accompanied by representatives of the Big Brother program, arrives in Madrid and shouts again and again:“Israel, Israel, Israel!”
He knows no Spanish and after having shouted “Israel, Israel, Israel” for a couple of days and thus having adequately demonstrated the intellectual level of our country, he flies back home to his Big Brother. Upon his return, he approaches the aquarium and tells the fish of his odyssey. The fish grunts in admiration. In the meantime, Madrid wants to show their appreciation of having an Israeli guest, so they send a Big Brother Spanish blonde in exchange to visit the Israeli home of Big Brother.
The Spanish blonde looks rather Swedish. She has an impressive front and looks quite delicious in a bikini. It’s not quite clear, but it seems like she is supposed to teach the Israeli Big Brother team a song which will be entered into some kind of competition. I really have no idea what it is all about, and I feel more ignorant by the minute. 
Big Brother doesn’t know any Spanish so he lets a girl carry on a conversation with the Spanish girl instead of doing it himself, as he does with the Israeli team members. This is probably his secretary. Maybe she should be called the Big Sister. The large woman, the one who wanted the hairdresser, sits in a corner and cries again. Someone is asked her why, and she said that she objects against all the violence in this world. Her non-existent hair is still the same.
The program was then interrupted by a series of commercials. What a relief. I can give my brain a chance to relax. After five minutes they returned. The food they eat looks wonderful. From time to time they take a dip in the glamorous Jacuzzi. Generally they seem to enjoy a marvelous vacation - I wonder who and what they pay them for all that!
Big Brother doesn’t put in a personal appearance, he speaks from a giant camera.
He reminds one of the members that it has been 13 years since his wife died and he should light a candle. The man seems to have forgotten about his dead wife, but now since Big Brother has reminded him, he starts to sob.
One of the stars holds a speech. He says he is celebrating his 23rd birthday and he knows that everybody is celebrating with him - Bibi Netanyahu included.
“Bibi," he says, "if Ahmadinejad is a problem for you, I am here to protect you. Don’t worry, everything will be all right!”
I really and honestly don’t know what’s going on. Are the reality shows a side effect of global warming? Did the heat go to our heads? Who are the normal ones, the ones who watch this, or the ones who don’t?
One thing I am sure of, I don’t ever go back there again.