We need to draw the line

Recent legislation in the US Congress has made the United States a defender of Israeli settlements in the occupied West Bank. In the guise of a "pro-Israel" action, Congress has worked to weaken the long-standing US support for a two-state solution, and that is quite unfortunate!
Far from being pro-Israel, a provision that was attached to the massive trade bill, H.R. 1314, that has gone through Congress means that instead of speaking up for Israel's rights within its internationally-recognized borders, US trade policy is effectively erasing the Green Line, treating Israel and the occupied territory as if they were one and the same, which they are not.  
People need to realize that erasing Israel's border with the West Bank isn't protecting Israel, it's just one step closer to ending the idea of the two-state solution. That's not pro-Israel, it's not okay, and it shouldn't be the policy of the US Congress.
Don't Erase Israel's Borders!