Evil Losers


Trump’s characterization of terrorists as “evil losers” is his best quality. He sees through bullshit and takes down bullshit artists who want to destroy the West. In spite of his Wharton pedigree, Keynesian economics never penetrated his skull, let alone cultural Marxism or queer theory. Though in practice he’s had some trouble thus far, his intention is to put American interests above foreign interests, which in spite of the Democratic party’s position is the job of the president.

Top Democrats Refuse To Stand, Clap For Navy SEAL Widow Honored By Trump (YouTube)

Obama read and internalized critical theory by the Palestinian godfather of the belief that cultural appropriation is a micro-aggression and hate speech is worse than violence, Edward Said. Cultural Marxism, the concept that we live in societies composed of victim and oppressors is his absolute truth. This is not because Obama is a Muslim, it’s because he’s an atheist. This atheism creates the need for an irrational belief system, as humans are emotional animals and do not see meaning in pure reason. This is why it seems perfectly reasonable to someone like Obama to accept a worldview from Said, whose biggest influence was Frantz Fanon who famously believed “killing a European is killing two birds with one stone, eliminating in one go oppressor and oppressed: leaving one man dead and the other man free.”

While I am against the legacy of Imperialism, it’s hard to lead the Western world when a not so inconsequential part of your heart wishes for the Westerners to bludgeoned to death for their past oppression overseas. The degree of the “oppression” or the fact that the oppression of minorities in America has more to do with economics, the dissolution of poor families (disproportionately affecting African Americans) and educational inequity than racism is of course of no consequence. Jews and Muslims encounter just as much, if not more racism and thrive economically in America. And the Jews of the Middle East have thrived in spite of being attacked on all sides with a dearth of natural resources, making the left assume they stole this economy stability. Further, since Palestine was a colony of England from 1917-1948 (declared a Jewish State in 1922), Obama views Israel as a colonial power and oppressor, ignoring the fact that many Jews were murdered by the real oppressor, the British empire, when they tried to emigrate to Palestine during and after the Holocaust.

While Obama publicly did little to denounce Israel, he worked against Israel’s interests with the Iran deal and abstained from a vote that declared all settlements “by the occupier Israel,” including those built before Israel was a state in “flagrant violation of international law.” What this means is that 2 million Muslims are allowed to live in Israel, but Jews are not allowed to live in Palestine when peace is made according to international law. Under the radar, Obama gave billions in “humanitarian aid” to Palestine that was used to build rockets and tunnels, a state that pays the families of suicide bombers and names schools and hospitals after these “martyrs.” Additionally, he made it very difficult for an Israeli to get a work visa or US citizenship, as evidenced by the state department refusing to grant a Visa to Gal Mekel when the Mavericks wanted to extend the Israeli point guard’s contract. All in all, Obama hated Israel.

Trump doesn’t have this problem. He genuinely seems in awe of Israel, though maybe a bit disappointed by its lack of Saudi grandeur. He does have the problem of dealing with the mess that Bush and Obama made in the Middle East. He has the other problem of not wanting to piss off Saudi Arabia so they’ll keep buying our overpriced weapons and he can maintain the 15% uptick in the Dow since his election. He also, not unlike Obama, is burdened with an ego unable to ignore the hero’s welcome the Saudis gave him. We no longer need Saudi oil, but we do need them to buy our weapons, which will fund more terrorists in Saudi Arabia’s fight with Iran, while they spend billions building Wahhabi temples across the world that aim to Islamize Europe. Further, Trump’s ego compels him to pursue the “ultimate deal” in Israel, establishing his greatest dealmaker in the history of the world legacy. Peace in the Middle East is big-league. It makes Trump Tower and the Taj Mahal look like small potatoes.

Like every President in modern history, Trump made nice with the Saudis and laughably proclaimed to fight Isis’ terror with the government that funded Isis, days before claiming to fight terror with the guy who funded the Munich Massacre of 1972, who presides over a terror state, who promotes the idea that “"We welcome every drop of blood spilled in Jerusalem… they |Israel| have no right to desecrate them with their filthy feet and we won't allow them to.”

Abbas: "We welcome every drop of blood spilled in Jerusalem" (YouTube)

While I don’t love Trump’s alliance with Saudi Arabia, as they are protectors of Israel for the time being, I don’t see much of an alternative. I like his decision to proclaim that Iran will never get a nuclear weapon, but the expectation that a radicalized sharia state with the 3rd largest military budget in the world is going to fight terrorist groups they fund and train with us is insane. Just as insane as not mentioning the terror experienced by Israel in his speech and his underplaying of the role of Islam in the terror plaguing the world (that mostly effects Muslims) and the oppression of women (genital mutilation, forced child marriages, burkhas, ½ a person under Islamic law, not allowed to drive in Saudi Arabia, et al.).

On his podcast yesterday, Ben Shapiro argued that the world views the conflict between Israel and Palestine as a territorial conflict when it is in reality a religious one. When Palestine had control over Jerusalem it was used as a launching point for attacking Israel, like they did in the Yom Kippur War of 1973. When Palestine was offered 46% of the land in 1947, they decided to start a war with the Jews. Before the wall to Gaza, thousands were massacred on the streets from 2000-2003. The aim of Hamas, the partner in Abbas’ coalition government who controls Gaza is to eradicate every Jew from the face of the earth.

So, while I’m happy Trump visited Israel, I’m a little disturbed by his changing opinion of Islamic fundamentalism when it suits his interest. He’s starting to sound like Obama-lite, when he a little too wholeheartedly supports the evil people he’s forced to ally with. The danger of this is not policy, but a swing from people even on the right to view radical Sunni Islam as tolerant when it is a dangerous, backward political ideology that aims to destroy us, like literally. Islam, like all religions needs to be tolerated, but the most backwards and powerful sect of Islam that is practiced in Saudi Arabia needs to be recognized for what it is. It is The Handmaid’s Tale. In spite of what #resistance fighter Chelsea Clinton says (again credit to Ben Shapiro). If she or her future anti-Israel, half-Jewish spawn is one day president, I may have to disappear for a while.