The Americans are getting smart - finally an Ultimatum

The Americans are getting smart and have finally given someone an ultimatum. If this is true and the writer imagines it is, then the situation in the world is going to improve markedly. I recently traveled the country from West to East - from Los Angeles to Houston, to Atlanta, to New York, to Newark, and back to Los Angeles and could see the mood in the country had already improved as if a great weight had been lifted from their souls and spirit and somehow persons across the spectrum seemed to walk more easily and appeared even uplifted.  If this continues, then one is going to see further marked improvement.
Read the full story here:  "The US is sustaining the momentum of the war on terror by sending more Special Forces and drones into Pakistan after Osama bin Laden''s top lieutenant, Ayman al Zawahiri, Taliban leader Mullah Omer and al Qaeda''s chief operations officer, Seif al Adal. Washington suspects their whereabouts are known to Pakistan''s Inter-Services-Intelligence agency and has given Islamabad an ultimatum: Cooperate in their capture or US troops will take up the pursuit in your country..."