In light of the Iran deal, giving up on Europe would be a very bad move for Israel

Sometimes reality exceeds even the wildest imagination. In a scene taken out of Frank Underwood's playbook in 'House of Cards', Jewish Chronicle's Stephen Pollard revealed the real reason why Great Britain and other countries voted against Israel at the UN regarding operation Protective Edge. According to Pollard's report, yet to be denied by Israeli officials, it was at PM Netanyahu's own request that PM Cameron shall do so.
Everyone is talking about the agreement with Iran. There are those who blame Bibi's poor relationship with America as the cause for this bad deal to be signed, yet nobody acknowledges the fact that Netanyahu had it right all along: there was not a single chance of convincing President Obama and thats why Netanyahu insisted on going to congress. The question still remains, where do the European leaders stand on this subject?
Since Netanyahu's 2009 return to office, it looks like Europe is completely irrelevant, to the point where Netanyahu has never even gone to Brussels to give a speech. No, the Israeli PM has entirely placed his focus on the UN.
Many Israelis will agree that 'Europe is lost'. There is no point in even trying to convince anybody there. 'Soon Europe will become Eurabia', so what's the point, they say.These claims could not be more wrong, for in reality is pretty much the opposite.
Great Britain is being run by PM David Cameron, who has been highly criticized for failing to condemn Israel last summer, and yet he is the one who won the most recent round of elections. The same goes for Chancellor Angela Merkel, who throughout her years in office has always been a great supporter of Israel. Basically, we have two of the most influential leaders in the world at our side.
Yet, going back to Pollard's report, instead of trying to fight the anti-Semitic, one-sided, hypocritical report of the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) on Operation Protective Edge, Israel has asked her friends and allies to vote in acceptance of this very report. This is highly upsetting and disturbing for several reasons.
First, these leaders have given Israel steady support through last summer's Operation Protective Edge. They refused to condemn Israel and acknowledged Israel's right to self-defense. Now, it is the exact same Israel who puts them under heavy criticism for accepting a report, which clearly states that Israel and Hamas are BOTH the one to blame for the war. 
The second reason. and a much more important one, is that this action is sending the exact opposite message of what Israel should be standing for. Instead of fighting anti-Semitism, it gives in to a bunch of dictator states and oppressors. Instead of collaborating with our allies in Europe, with Israel as the leader of the international war against global Jihad, it is Israel who simply states: We are not willing to fight.
Some may say that it was a pragmatic move meant to lower criticism and prevent possible legal prosecution, but let's be honest: the UNHRW does not need any report to attack Israel. It's what they have done best for the last nine years.
This is clearly not the message Israel should be sending to its allies. To those who think that Europe is lost, I say: open your eyes. Euro skeptical. Right wing popular parties are winning the elections for the European Parliament. Most influential countries in the European Union are being run by pro-Israel leaders. It is true that we have our own disagreements on the settlements issue, but is there anyone who thinks that Israel cannot convince her allies to support her against Hamas and prevent local prosecution?
One cannot just sit and wait for things to happen. One cannot just insult their allies and expect their support. If there's one thing we have learned from Herzl and Ben Gurion, it is that Israel must reach out and look for many allies as possible. Looking to the future, Israel just cannot give up on Europe.