Trying to remove Judaism from the Israeli identity: the Self-hating Jews

The Israeli operation in Gaza has once again given the opportunity for the anti-Israeli coalition, made of radical social leftists and radical Muslims, to raise their anti-Semitic rhetoric against Israel and the Jewish people. Yet, their efforts would have been in vain without the third member of this coalition – the self-hating Jews. Most recently, after NGO Monitor's Itai Reuveni inspection, an article has been written by Breaking the Silence's CEO in Switzerland, claiming that the Israelis have become indifferent to the suffering of the Palestinians. The time has come to say it loud and clear: Breaking the Silence's activity is just another part in the chain of the auto-antisemitic Jews.
Israel is taking  the Palestinian citizens into consideration too much
Breaking the Silence's officials love to repeat the claim that they are the real 'patriots', that they come from a moral perspective. In tan aricle published in Switzerland, CEO Yuli Novak tells a beautiful story about how when she was in the army, missions have been carried out very carefully, but in last summer's activity the IDF has abandoned these principles. That is of course a ridiculous claim; there has not been any drastic negative change (in the eyes of anti-Israelis) in the way the IDF fights. Moreover, high ranked lawmakers and military specialists worldwide have recently questioned the Israeli fighting policies in last summer's operation, coming from an entirely different perspective.
In a special article about the subject in the 'Weekly Standard', statements by Wolff Heintschel von Heinegg, a distinguished expert on military law at European University Viadrina in Frankfurt, criticizied Israel for setting an impossible standard. Von Heinegg said: ''the IDF is taking many more precautions than are required'' and in doing so, he fears the IDF ''is setting an unreasonable precedent for other democratic countries of the world, who may also be fighting in asymmetric wars against brutal nonstate actors who abuse these laws''.
The origins of Auto-Antisemitism
In what can only be described as a statement coming from an anti-Semitic origin, Novak claimed that when she was in the IDF 'things were different'. Trying to distinguish herself from recent operations, Novak uses methods whom she thinks are right, yet we have already seen them in the past.
In his book 'Revolutionary Jews from Marx to Trotsky', the late Prof. Robert Wistrich wrote about the role of self-hating Jews in the establishment of the Socialist parties in Europe, especially in Germany and Austria. His findings were astonishing
Wistrich wrote about Viktor Adler, the founder of the Socialist party in Austria in 1889.
Born as a Jew in 1852, Adler could not stand the anti-Semitic hatred against him in Austria, so he decided to convert to Protestantism in 1878. Adler later explained his decision to convert, writing in his diary that 'the only reason I've converted was because I wanted to enable my kids to disconnect from Judaism easier, without them having to face the stupid problems in Austria that those who are being connected to Apostasy have to deal with'.
However, Adler did not only convert to Protestantism; Adler remained ambivalent to anti-Semitic rhetoric in the Austrian political world, and even warned the Austrian workers from 'committing to help the Jews in their fight against anti-Semitism'. Later, Adler explained his solution, one that lays within the Socialism: 'Such a society will lead the 'wandering Jew' to his grave', then 'the Jewish characteristics will lose their meaning and power'.
Removing Judaism from the Israeli identity
Yuli Novak and her friends from the world of Anti-Israeli NGO's love to think about themselves as pioneers. They think that they are the ones who will save Israel from itself, yet what they are doing is exactly the opposite: They are trying to remove Judaism from the Israeli identity.
In this way, they want us to forget all about the Jewish tradition of 'Haba lehorgecha, Hashkem Lehorgo', meaning that 'If one rises to kill you, kill him first'. Instead, they want to create a new tradition of 'if one rises to kill you, sacrifice yourself'. That is how, for example, the Israeli child Daniel Tragerman has been killed last year: the IDF knew about four mortar launchers placed in Gaza next to schools, yet did not destroy them because of the number of civilians present there. Eventually, these mortars killed Daniel.
In a fight against Terror organization, the only way to victory is the way of fast, determined strike aimed for the destruction of your enemy. As long as the triangle of radical socialist, radical Muslims and self-hating Jews pressures the IDF to the corner, more blood will be shed, because Hamas uses this pressure in order to hide behind Civilians.
As a reserve IDF soldier, I can honestly say that moral ethics are well embedded in our nature. In order to prevent future casualties from both sides, the world must support Israel in her righteous fight against Terror. When we fight, we do that in order to defend OUR civilians, OUR lives whilst aiming our weapons solely at the enemy, trying to prevent innocent civilians from being hurt. 'If one rises to kill you, kill him first'. That is not the self-hating Jewish tradition. That is the Jewish tradition.