Oh, what courage...

On almost the last day of 2014, the Palestinians, in their infinite wisdom, tried to force the world to give them a state – based on… well… nothing really – just a demand.  Kind of like when you have a two year old kid and they demand an ice-cream, but you won’t give them one, so they cry and scream and throw a tantrum and generally make life hell for everyone.  But unlike a two year old who will pout and complain, the Palestinians under the leadership of Mahmoud Abbas incite violence –the results from recent times which have led to the deaths of many Israelis.

But it’s important to look at the Security Council vote and analyse the countries who voted in this resolution and recognise their courageous decisions.
Of the 15 members of the Security Council, 8 voted in favour, 2 rejected it and the remaining 5 abstained, with a breakdown as below:
·         Russia, China, France, Argentina, Chad, Chile, Jordan and Luxembourg voted in favour
·         The US and Australia voted against
·         The UK, Lithuania, Nigeria, the Republic of Korea and Rwanda abstained
So what does it mean to vote “in favour” of this resolution?  Well… I’ll tell you what it means.  It means quite simply that you support a terrorist entity – which is what the Palestinian Authority, which includes Hamas, is.  It also means that you are against the Oslo agreements, which everyone thought was so wonderful – because Oslo does not allow for the kind of actions that the Palestinians are taking.  It also means that you don’t believe Israel should exist and all Jews should be killed, as that’s what the charter of Hamas, which is part of the Palestinian Authority government, calls for.
Now, I have to be quite honest.  Russia, China, Chad are not exactly the poster boys for democracy, so voting in support of this action by the Palestinians is not surprising.  Argentina, a welcoming country to so many Nazis, is also not a surprise.  Jordan is most definitely not a surprise, considering most of its citizens are considered Palestinians anyway!  And when you consider that the last thing the ruling dictatorship of Jordan wants is their citizens to demand their own rights in their own country causing a loss of power to them, of course they’d support it.  Luxembourg hosts the General Court of the European Union, which decided last month that Hamas – the people who blow up busses and hack civilians to death, isn’t actually a terrorist organisation – so no surprise there!  And then of course, there’s the French.  Ah, the French - the country that prides itself on enshrining liberty, equality, fraternity.  Great virtues – just a shame it doesn’t follow any of them.  It must have taken tremendous courage to vote against those principles and endorse the forced creation of a country that is against liberty and equality.  Is it really any surprise that record number of French Jews are leaving?
As for the countries that abstain, I too have an issue with some of them.  You see, abstaining is a pathetic way of not making a decision – and while it’s different for some countries and their motivation, it’s a spineless decision for others such as the UK, Lithuania and South Korea which think of themselves as democracies, yet tacitly support dictatorships by not rejecting outright their actions, such as this security council resolution.  For Nigeria and Rwanda to switch from endorsing the false Palestinian state to abstaining is important, but for a country like the UK, it’s actually quite appalling. 
The UK, which is the single most responsible country for causing all the trouble in the Middle East by inventing countries and rewarding different Arab tribes, now sits back and seems to absolve itself of all responsibility by giving the equivalent response of a teenager saying: whatever!  Oh – what courage that ole British resolve showed in the government halls of Westminister…
And the UK, which essentially endorsed a Jewish homeland, and then did everything it could to stop it – now sits back and refuses to make a decision about creating a Palestinian state, even though they essentially did already by slicing off 75% of Mandatory Palestine and making a country called Jordan!  I call that cowardly. 
At least America, despite its differences with Israel, and Australia, a country that really does support democracy and freedom, had the courage of their own convictions to vote against it – and make a principled decision.
So to those countries who supported the decision of this resolution – inside the security council – and out, I can only imagine they’d be “liking” the Fatah (the party formed by Arafat and Abbas) Facebook page, which celebrated their 50 year anniversary, by posting an image of the Fatah flag, along with a rifle, atop a pile of human skulls, emblazoned with the Star of David on them – the same star I wear around my neck.  Oh – and for those mathematicians out there, Fatah was created in order to liberate Palestinian land – even though it was actually created 3 years before the Six Day War – before any of this land on which they now demand a state - was under Israeli control.
Decisions made at the UN are always made out to be a complicated affair, but in truth, they really aren't.  
It quite simply boils down to this:
If you support freedom – you support Israel
If you support human rights for all – you support Israel
If you support democracy – you support Israel.
But if you support oppression and racism and dictatorship, the decision is equally simple – you support the Palestinian Authority.