When words kill

The world can be a dark place, filled with horror and depravity and evil… true evil. And evil is what we witnessed today when a 13 old girl, Hallel Yafa Ariel, went to bed and didn’t wake up, because instead of summer’s morning rays reaching out and nudging her, a monster came instead.
A monster armed with a dagger in his hand and the darkest of evil in his heart. And he murdered her, while she lay sleeping, lost in the world of dreams and imagination. He took those innocent dreams and turned them into the blackest nightmares that will live on forever in her family and her community and the entire nation of Israel.
But a monster does not live in isolation. It does not live without the fuel that gives it energy and gives it purpose and gives it drive. And this fuel of hatred is out there, displayed openly for all to see and hear.
Just last week the leader of the Palestinian Authority, Mahmoud Abbas, told the European Parliament that the Jews poison the water wells of the Palestinians. He said it was part of the program of genocide the Israelis are carrying out on the Palestinians. But this was not the first time he’s said this. Last year at the United Nations, on the podium of the greatest gathering of world countries, he accused Israel of committing a war of genocide.
He’s also accused “settlements” of destroying the environment earlier this year. And he’s accused Israel of “carrying out a policy of ethnic cleansing in Jerusalem.” He’s lied about Israel changing the status quo of the Temple Mount, and said quite openly that the blood of “martyrs” spilled there is pure. He’s urged his people to stop the “filthy feet” of the Jews and every day on his official television channels, you can see imam after imam preaching the hatred of Jews. He has robbed palestinian children of any innocence by polluting their morning kids show with morning murder shows instead.
His regime salaried imams, appearing on his official television channels, will show you how to stab, how to kill, will tell you about how it is good to kill the Jews, for they are after all, the sons of “pigs and monkeys.” Sultan Abu al-Einein, his advisor, will tell you ‘Wherever you see an Israeli, slit his throat.” And those who do commit these acts of “glory” will be rewarded and their families will be rewarded with monthly pensions, paid for by the Europeans and others. Money drenched in the blood of innocents.
And people listen… they do. For children grow up in an environment that teaches them only hatred and only murder and only blood. Their innocence is long gone, replaced by an evil darkness that no light can vanquish. Their lust for fun and life and living is replaced by a lust for mayhem and death and killing.
A sickening depravity is upon us, blanketing the palestinian world with something that has bubbled up like a volcano from hades itself, seeping through the soft underbelly of society, and suffocating those Arabs who want to push back the tide of terror with reason and moderation.
But instead of revulsion for his actions we witness daily, many countries of the world will stand and applaud him, even as he unleashes blood libels reinvigorating an age old Middle Ages tradition. They will call this man – this man who incites murder – a “moderate” and the best hopes for “peace.” They will promise him that they will try to push and to force Israel to help create this man’s dream – which will end up as the world’s nightmare.
And all the time while they shower him with money and with honours and with prestige, his wicked words will continue to ring out, inciting his society to go out and to be “martyrs” for the cause.
And wicked those words are, for they are words that are like poisonous needles that sting and hurt and kill and filter into the minds of youth who think it’s their right to enter someone’s house and stab a young girl to death.
A 13 year girl went to bed last night and didn’t wake up.
It is time for the world to wake up instead.