palestinian violence

Time for an Israeli victory, end 100 year rejections against Israel - opinion

Barely a day goes by without a Palestinian leader telling their people that Israel is temporary and will eventually be defeated.


Beheading of gay Palestinian desecrates sacred city Hebron -opinion

The storied city of Hebron was desecrated by an unspeakable act of butchery—the brutal public beheading, filmed live, of an innocent Palestinian gay man


Stabbing in Jerusalem, ramming in West Bank mar weekend in Israel

A young Israeli man was severely wounded after being stabbed in the back, the suspect was shot by police and was still holding the knife used in the attack.

Two shootings carried out against Israelis in West Bank over last day

Palestinians shot twice at Israelis in the West Bank within a 24-hour period, as settler leaders called on the IDF to do more to crack down on rising Palestinian terror.

Israel on high alert in West Bank as Palestinian attacks continue

The attack came as the IDF sent reinforcements to the northern West Bank ahead of the High Holy Days.

'Pro-Palestinian' rallies violence against Jews were always connected - analysis

Pro-Palestinian activism has re-packaged genocidal terminology and tried to hide it behind claims of “mistranslation.”

Police to investigate clashes at Abu Akleh funeral

Clashes between police and Palestinian mourners packed around Abu Akleh's coffin occurred at the start of her funeral in Jerusalem on Friday.


ADL, Jewish orgs denounce ‘terrorism’ by extremist Jewish settlers

The letter, signed by a total of 7 organizations, was addressed to Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett as well as Foreign Minister Yair Lapid and Defense Minister Benny Gantz.

Policeman prevents activist from entering.

There is Jewish and there is Arab violence -opinion

From 2019 to 2021, there has been a 61.1% drop in so-called price-tag attacks. Moreover, the number of indictments of Jewish extremists has doubled from 16 to 32 over the past year.


Palestinian teen arrested while throwing molotov cocktails - watch

During the operation, Border Police fighters were deployed to ambush a number of suspects, who had been identified with the help of IDF observations as they were preparing to throw Molotov cocktails.

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