Israeli Singer Asaf Averbuch Comes Out As Bisexual

In an interview with an Israeli entertainment magazine and a moving post on his personal Facebook page, singer Asaf Averbuch comes out as bisexual and reveals he's currently in a relationship with a man.
"To accept yourself and love yourself just as you are is a daily struggle that never ends," wrote Asaf Averbuch on his Facebook page on Wednesday. "So hi, I'm Asaf and I'm bisexual. Or pansexual. Or gay, or delusional straight, or whatever you feel like calling me. I've already heard every definition possible and never felt like one definition or another is something I require in order to understand who I am. I'm only love, and I have one."
Averbuch's rise to fame began in 2005, after finishing his mandatory in an army band he founded himself at the auditions for "A Star is Born," Israel's version of 'American Idol.' His version of the song "Boey Nagid She'ani Shelach" ('Let's Say I'm Yours') brought him to the top 10 on the show. "I was in euphoria," he told Pnai Plus Magazine. "After three numbers on the show I couldn't walk on the streets. Good things and bad things happened following the show."
Following the show, Averbuch continued his career mostly in writing for other artists, as he was suffering from a disconnection between the image that was created for him from 'Israeli Idol' and his real personality and music. During that time, he also opened up to experiencing the indulgent life of Tel Aviv. "I'm a very sexual person and it was always intriguing for me to explore my sexuality," he says. " When I was 24 it was my first time with a man after my first love with a woman ended and crushed me.I've always known I was attracted to both genders but I was hoping that one day my fantasy about men would pass. After a few times I realized that it's not a one-time thing, that it's a part of me and I can't put it aside."
After his broken heart healed, Asaf didn't neglect dating women, and famously dated singer Mai Feingold. "She called me to say that she's going to be on 'Idol' and asked for advice. From here to there we started dating and were a year together."
In the past five years, however, Averbuch has been in a steady relationship with graphic designer Liran Pinchevsky. "My love, you are the anchor that holds me against every storm and my private door to happiness," Asaf wrote on Facebook. "Thank you for every day and every moment you've given me until now."
Asaf Averbuch celebrates his coming out with the release of his debut album this week in Israel, an album on which he worked for four years. "This album is a documentation of my 20's," he says," and all of those people that I wrote about in this album are part of me, and who I am, and every path I walked through in my journey."