It’s a great Hanukka for gay Jewish celebrities

Hanukka is almost over, but every year throughout this holiday I look for the traditional Hanukka miracles. Therefore, I chose to highlight three good things I’ve found that happened to our favorite gay Jewish celebrities during Hanukka. Count your blessings.
Comedian Billy Eichner wins Breakout Star of the Year at the People Magazine Awards. Eichner had an amazing year in 2014. The host of Fuse's ‘Billy On the Street’ went into a series of appearances at TV’s most acclaimed prime-time comedies, including NBC's ‘Parks and Recreation’ and Fox’s ‘New Girl’- and now we hear that he will head a new comedy on Hulu, titled ‘Difficult People’, which premieres in 2016.
"Thank you for this beautiful silver tube," said Eichner in his acceptance speech, prompting laughs from the audience at the Beverly Hilton Hotel in Los Angeles on Thursday. "I feel just like Chloë Grace Moretz as the luckiest 17-year-old alive, but that is funny because I'm not 17."
Michael Turchin got married. It was a big celebration Saturday at the Park Plaza Hotel in Los Angeles, when famous singer and TV host Lance Bass officially followed what I call “a celebrity trend” and got himself a Jewish husband. (Don’t think it’s a trend? Ask Anne Hathaway, Drew Barrymore, Chelsea Clinton, Leighton Meester, Christina McLarty and Casey Wilson – and this is a partial list.) Turchin is a nice Jewish model who over the past few months (at least that’s what I learn from his Twitter account) has been dropping the shirtless poses modeling underwear, and concentrating on his love of art and design, producing pop-art inspired pieces.
There was a traditional Jewish huppah and stepping on a glass at the end of the ceremony. "We wanted our wedding to be full of elements that we grew up with and things that we learned from our parents. It's all about one generation passing traditions on to the next generation," Bass told People magazine.
Ari Gold was chosen to host OUT Music Awards. On Hannuka eve we learned that the 25th anniversary of the LGBT Academy of Recording Artists will be celebrated with an awards ceremony hosted by Lea DeLaria and Ari Gold.
Gold, who distinguished himself from the iconic Entourage character played by Jeremy Piven by calling himself Sir Ari Gold, is a wonder-child who won the first ever Jewish Children’s Song Festival and later became a controversial sexy singer. Not only will he host the big awards show, he’s also received three nominations for Best Dance Song, Best Pop and Song of the Year for his song ‘Play My F**kn Record’.