Boycott Israel - A new trend in South Africa

One of the ugliest ways people use to discriminate others is Boycott.

People who delegitimize Israel try to promote the use of Boycott against ''Made in Israel'' products in many places around the world.

Now it is South Africa who puts itself in the position of showing how ignorance can be a great use when hatred is the motivation to discriminate Israel and attack Israel''s legitimacy. South Africa will now mark Israeli products which are produced in the west bank.

South Africa has become a place where discrimination that formerly was against black people is now pointed against white people. If you are white and you own a business in South Africa, you must have a black partner (just to show off) otherwise no one will buy from you and you will never be able to participate in government contracts.

Now South Africa''s government wants to teach Israel about morality and they expose their ignorance by doing it. Why ?

Let me tell you few facts about Israeli products made in the west bank:

1.       The Israeli market never boycotted products made by Palestinians. If the Israeli market will boycott products made by Palestinians the Palestinians will have nothing to eat !

2.       Palestinian''s fruits and vegetables are only been marketed in Israel other then inside the west bank. Imagine what will happen if Israel will not buy fruits and vegetables from the Palestinians.

3.       Most of the employees in the factories in the west bank are Palestinians. When people boycott Israeli companies that located in the west bank, they take food out of the mouths of the Palestinian employees.

4.       In the Israeli factories in the west bank the Palestinian workers earn much more then they will earn in any factory owned by Palestinians.

5.       Since the Israeli-Palestinian conflict has not been solved and probably will not have a solution this year…, this cooperation where Palestinians work in Israeli factories along with Israeli workers is the best example of cooperation between Israelis and Palestinians that we have right now.

6.       Is that what they are boycotting?

Ignorance among people around the world toward Israel''s internal issues is the biggest problem of the Israeli society and the State of Israel.

If people will know better – they will understand the complicities of Israel better and will be able to understand that people try to live here side by side even if it is quite complicated. We all want to live in peace here and as less people will try to ''solve our problems'' we probably will solve them some day.   

Chami Zemach / The Israeli Family project            May 19, 2012