The Daily Blog, January 1 2012: East Lansing, Michigan.

פרויקט המשפחה הישראלית
פרויקט המשפחה הישראלית

Everything is about people.

I wrote many times about it and I will keep on doing it but look at the next 3 stories about people who wnted to take part and joined us, everyone in his own way.

Last week we got an e-mail that started with the next words:

"To the Zemach family. Happy hannukah! Now that you are in Michigan, we would be pleased to share our sufganiyot with you. Let us know if it would be possible to meet you on this wonderful journey".

Two days later, David - who sent this e-mail - attended our program in East Lansing, Michigan. Later on we invited David for coffee in "our" appartment.
It was very important for us to meet David and we appreciated a lot his initiative to call us and set the meeting with us.

Thursday we got a nice e-mail from Kim and Peter, that started like that: "Welcome to the U.S. We are a family from St. Joseph, Michigan and we saw your article in the South Bend Tribune. We think it is so cool what you are doing, traveling the world in 365 days to represent your country. How educational for your children!". What stared with those few sentences continued the day after by meeting for lunch in a local restaurant. Kim, Peter and their daughters: Katie and Ashley are a supportive family to the Israeli people and to the state of I srael. We had a nice lunch together and we left after promosing to meet next time in Kadesh Barnea.

About 7 Months ago we had an e-mail from Lisa in Chicago. We were about one month before starting our tour around the world and Lisa asked if we will plan to be in Chicago. If we do - she said - she would be delighted to have us at her house. 7 Months had past so quickly and today we arrived at Lisa''s house and met her wonderful family.

As we said: It is all about people.

Chami Zemach, The Israeli Family Project