Facebook Hack Alert: The Jewish Problem and its Final Solution

Three days ago I I posted a new blog, “What do Rumsfeld and others identified with the Pollard Affair fear from his release?"  http://www.jpost.com/Blogs/The-Jewish-Problem---From-anti-Judaism-to-anti-Semitism/What-do-Don-Rumsfeld-and-others-identified-with-the-Pollard-Affair-fear-from-his-release-412483  Unfortunately, it posted at a time of high volume and vanished to Archives too quickly to be seen in the West. JPost's editor assured that it would appear on JPost’s Facebook page due to its “quality” and “relevance.”
Why not, I thought, create my own Facebook page as backup for my JPost blogs and other relevant writings?
Soon after the new page appeared a reader contacted me that the page, https://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Jewish-Problem-and-its-Final-Solution-Antisemitism-in-the-21st-Century/1760773117483319?ref=aymt_homepage_panel had been hacked and was replaced under the banner, The Jewish Problem and its Final Solution: the Holocaust. My own page illustration had been replaced by a portrait of Hitler.
I am posting this to share an experience demonstrating the high degree of vulnerability users of Facebook are exposed to in sharing “personal” information. Whoever hacked this page would have had to be able to access my “personal information” protected by "password," etc and supposedly secure on Facebook. In fact two other pages relating to my private practice and under a different email and password identity were also compromised and appeared on the hacked site.
I strongly recommend readers reconsider hosting on FB with the expectation that identity and personal information are secure. Facebook is NOT secure.