Reform Judaism and the Robbery of the Jewish Soul

 The Reform Jewish establishment has committed the crime of the century. They have robbed and counterfeited the Jewish soul. They robbed those Jewish souls of a proper Jewish education and their true identity. After this, they created fake conversions in which they lie to people by telling them they are Jewish. All of this has pitted Jews against each other and robbed a whole generation of an authentic education and identity.
I’ll explain how the Reform establishment has robbed the millions of people that they claim to have as members of a Jewish education. Well-meaning Jewish parents enrolled their kids in Reform Hebrew School in order for their kids to learn their heritage and receive a proper Jewish education. The Reform “Rabbis” lied to these people and told those parents that this is the service they provide. Instead of educating these kids on authentic Judaism based on the Torah, they indoctrinated them with their combination of Leftist and Humanist beliefs, and told everyone this was the real Judaism. Today these children spend most of their lives learning a false Judaism where G-D and the Torah have been put aside and replaced with whatever Leftist cause needs to be pushed at the time. Kids who grow up with this education and possess true religious motives understandably reject this. Who needs organized religion to be a Leftist? Why marry a Jewish woman, when it would be racist to reject somebody based on their heritage? When being trained for their Bar/ Bat Mitzvahs they never learn what it really means to become a man according to Judaism, which is the acceptance of the Torah and becoming responsible for upholding the Mitzvahs. These kids will never learn real Judaism. As far as they are concerned they have already spent years learning what Judaism is about, and they have been indoctrinated against the Orthodox. Who can blame them?
They spend much of their childhood and teenage years in Hebrew school and as far as they are concerned they know everything they need to know. In doing this, the Reform movement has robbed a whole generation of Jewish education and Jewish identity. These parents pay thousands upon thousands of dollars so their kids can receive a Jewish education that they never receive.  While it is true if Reform were not an option many would avoid Judaism all together, there are still those who would want their kids to receive a Jewish education even if some form of Orthodoxy was the only option. Those who truly care about being Jewish certainly would. As it stands now, with a 75% intermarriage rate Reform can barely act like they are a success in any way. A vast majority of these kids will never learn the true beauty of the Torah, and will never know what they were missed out on. This is theft of the worst kind, the theft of a Jewish soul.
Their lying doesn’t stop there. They have created false conversions that are only accepted by their fake rabbis. There are many non-Jews looking to convert, either for marriage or for legitimate spiritual reasons. The imposters that make up the Reform leadership lie to these people and tell them that they can make them Jewish. In doing so countless people spend much of their lives thinking they are Jewish when they are nothing of the sort. Think what harm this causes people.
Imagine you are a kid growing up in America with a Jewish dad and a mother who went through a Reform conversion. You may have a stereotypical Jewish last name like Schwartz or even Cohen. You grew up in Hebrew school, Hebrew camps, did your Bar Mitzvah, and maybe even a Birthright trip these days. He got called Jew-boy and ate Chinese food on Christmas. How does this child feel when he hears that he is not really Jewish at all? This child is likely to blame the messenger which is usually the State of Israel or Chabad. The result is that this young man or woman will most likely feel bitter towards the State of Israel and Orthodox Judaism as whole, even these two entities did nothing wrong except for tell them the truth. Sadly, this entire scenario happens far too often. How would you feel if you were told your whole identity was based on a lie? I can tell you first-hand that I know many people this happened to, and I know even more who have no idea. The Reform Rabbis know exactly what they are doing when they “convert” people. They can warn these people that their conversions are not accepted by Israel and the Orthodoxy. They can tell them that these are the consequences, but that would make them lose legitimacy. So, the lies and deceptions continue, and false identities continue to be fabricated.
In doing this, the Reform establishment pits Jews against each other. They have successfully incited a whole generation against Orthodoxy and in many ways the State of Israel itself. They do this by teaching that anybody who practices traditional Judaism is somehow backwards and bigoted. It is common to hear American Jews complain about the Ultra- Orthodox religious establishment which rules Israel and alienates Jews. This is just one of the main complaints. While it is true the Ultra-Orthodox establishment does create many issues, for the Reform these issues would be no different if the establishment was controlled by the religious Zionists. They would face the same exact issues concerning their conversions and customs. Many Reform Jews reading this will take offense to what I am saying, but you should not. I am just the messenger. You are a victim. You have been lied to and deceived by false Rabbis teaching you and your children false Judaism. You have had a false conversion overseen by a false Rabbi who never told you that this is not an accepted conversion, a fact he knew all along, and still knows very well. With the new rulings on the Kotel and the Mikvas in Israel, this is a very important issue to discuss. We must make sure the imposters don’t use their political power to infiltrate our religious institutions. We cannot give them even the smallest chance to pervert a whole generation of Jewish souls is Israel, as they have already done in America. If they can claim to be successful at anything, perverting Judaism and Jewish souls is the only success they can claim.