Why is the world prepared to make excuses for Muslim rapists but unwilling to treat Jews or Israel with any sympathy?

The mass sexual assaults that took place across Western Europe over New Year’s eve are horrifying in terms of real human suffering, indicative of the battle taking place between two disparate cultures and also symbolic of the present liberal propensity toward mass suicide. And perhaps most interestingly it raises important questions as to the reason the world seems so prepared to make excuses for Muslims who behave badly and so axiomatically unwilling to treat Jews and Israel well.
A hundred years ago women couldn’t vote, own property or simply walk around unaccompanied. Nor could they dress as they pleased. The feminist movement was born to address these inequalities by challenging accepted norms and by battling ‘male’ power, political and social structures and cultural beliefs and practices which discriminate against women. And in one summer it seems the feminist movement has come under perhaps one of the greatest assaults it has seen in the modern age. The attack is not from a quarter one would expect - from that of a male, conservative, religious culture (who were the enemies of old) but from those who are seen and believed to be products of the success of the movement itself.
How else can one explain Henriette Reker’s response to the sexual assaults on literally hundreds of female victims on New Year’s eve in her city of Cologne? Instead of the outrage, one would expect from Reker, Cologne’s first female mayor, (especially since she herself has been the victim of violent crime) reprimands were handed down to unexpected recipients: the victims. She suggested that it was the women and girls themselves who needed to change their behavior, so as not to provoke others who are culturally different from themselves.
It seems that Reker’s twisted logic is not lonely. It is echoed by a Norwegian Professor of Anthropology’s (Dr Unni Wikan’s) idea, that in order to deal with the high incidence of Muslim rape of Norwegian women, the women need to “take their share of responsibility”. The reason? Muslim men find their manner of dress provocative. ‘Norwegian women’, therefore Dr Wikan has opined, “must realize that (they) live in a Multicultural society and adapt themselves to it.”
Reker and Wikan’s approaches are perhaps best described as suicide by multiculturalism. They illustrate just how far ‘liberals’ are prepared to go. It seems that these women are prepared to sacrifice the work and hard earned victories of the entire feminist movement in order to preserve the spirit of diversity. And such sacrifice seems to illustrate that without a unifying principle ‘liberalism’ has become pitted against itself.
The special treatment afforded to Muslims also has to raise the question as to the reason Jews were never and still are not afforded the same or even similar treatment. And Jews, as far as I’m aware have not and do not commit mass sexual assaults in the Diaspora where they are and have been unwelcome for centuries.
Further, Israel has not just beheaded 60 people as Saudi Arabia has done in the past week. And yet the United Nations and the European Union continue to lambast it for ‘Human Rights’ abuses with almost greater frequency than the number of heads rolling in the Middle East. Perhaps we are just witnessing a rather ironic and tragic cosmic unravelling of a world that is at the same time both unfathomable and yet, expected. It seems that if there is anything to be learned from this, it is that Jews are and always will remain outside the community of nations which seem to be able to afford each other great depths of sympathy but come up empty every time Jews and Israel require it.