muslims and jews

President of the World Jewish Congress Ronald Lauder
Mabrouk and mazel tov to all Muslims and Jews in this new era of peace

It is a catalyst for more countries in the Middle East to actually envision a better future for their children.

Arabic video on Jewish ties to Jerusalem aims to foster co-existence

The video is the fourth released by the AJC as part of its Arabic-language series "An al-Yahud," ("About the Jews"), which aims to build engagement between Arabs and Jews.

Muslim World League head responds to criticism after attending AJC event

He added further, covering his tracks even more, that the MWL will not come to the table with anyone "who caused harm to Muslims" (i.e. Israel).

Top Saudi cleric: Jews, Muslims need to join forces to fight antisemitism

“We in the Muslim World League are proud to stand shoulder to shoulder with our Jewish brothers and sisters to build understanding, respect, love and inter-religious harmony,” the sheikh said.

A Muslim and a Jew dating have written a jazz song about their situation

The philosophy of openness preached by the song dovetails perfectly with Miller’s musical ethos as well: making jazz fun and accessible again to all.

FRENCH POLICE OFFICERS stand guard outside the Hyper Cacher supermarket in Paris on January 10, 2015
Paris Hyper Cacher employee stars in documentary about his rescue mission

Lassana Bathily: A Hero Despite Himself was broadcast on Tuesday night on France’s Channel 2, during the fifth anniversary of the Paris attacks.

bds israel boycott
Malmo municipality sets up $2m. fund to fight antisemitism

The government is planning to hold an international conference on fighting antisemitism in Malmo and plans to open a Holocaust museum in the Swedish city.

Democratic Presidential candidate U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders (D-VT)
How Bernie Sanders became a favorite among Muslim Americans

It’s hardly a given that Muslim Americans would support a left-leaning Democrat.

The project “Not in my name” is presented at the Italian Ministry of Education on Septemer 24, 2019.
Jewish, Muslim and Christian leaders in Italy fight violence on women

The project "Not in my name – Jews, Catholics and Muslims against violence on women" include several initiatives targeting high school students.

Enes Kanter
NBA star Enes Kanter hosts basketball clinic for Muslim and Jewish kids

“It’s just so much fun to go out there and speak one language, and that is sport,” said Kanter, a practicing Muslim.

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