A different form of logic

Here, in the Levontine Middle East, a different form of logic is required to properly graps reality. One needs to wipe away the fog of rhetoric and strdent voices of hate to see the truth.
So please let me give you a different form of logic for discussing war, terror, land and peace. This logic is derived from the prism of the Levontine world we live in.
Simply try to follow the thread in these two examples:
Israel is giving up land to achieve peace. This is happening because Israel has known wars and terror for decades, since its creation, in fact, and yearns for peace. The motto was "Land for Peace". In other words, Israeli gives land for Palestinian and Arab peace.
The demand from the confident Palestinians is now "give us even more land or you don''t get peace!"
In other words, "give us more land or we''ll continue to kill you!" This is bloody blackmail!
Now let me apply a different form of logic to the second example.
Israel is downtrodden and oppressed. It is attacked, reviled, and isolated. Therefore, downtrodden and oppressed.
Palestinians are the proxy fighter set up by the Arabs and Iran to fight their fight and attack us.
The Palestinians are, therefore, their weapons as they sit back and cheer or jeer from the sidelines.
If the Palestinians get bashed by us it''s part of the fight promoted by those who are holding the tab for the Palestinians. So, who is to blame?
See the logic. Now sell it to a twisted world who see the issues through the logic of a warped mirror.