Tell them, not us

You got it the wrong way round. Don’t tell us about their rights. Tell them about ours.
Let’s deal with this for a moment.
How different the world would be today had you told the Palestinians to shape up to reality so many years ago? It’s not too late to tell them they will never have it all.
Tell them to give up the dream of an Islamic state from the river to the sea. Tell them to renounce their Charters calling for our destruction. 
Tell them they will have to compromise on land and principles, as will we.Tell them they have no choice but to recognize our rights to self determination as the Jewish state, as we recognize the need to accommodate their aspirations to independence.
Tell them to stop the incitement against us in their schools, mosques, and official media. You won’t find that level of hatred on our side. Tell them to come to terms with the fact that Israel, our Jewish and democratic state, is a demographic fact.
Tell them that this, better than anything else, paves the way to peaceful coexistence.