UK Labour Party’s obsessive anti-Zionism is shared by the Far Right

By Richard Mather

It is no secret that Jeremy Corbyn, the leader of the British Labour Party, is a man of the militant Left and a “friend” of Hamas and Hezbollah. But what is less well known is that Corbyn, along with comrades such as former London mayor Ken Livingstone, are inspirational to individuals on the Far Right – not just the Islamist clerical fascists who believe adulterers should be stoned to death but the extreme “white patriot” right-wingers who believe the gas chambers are a myth.
A recent poll found that despite the anti-Semitism scandal, Labour Party members overwhelmingly support Corbyn; only a tiny fraction believe there is an anti-Semitism problem within their organisation. Corbyn’s ability to generate such a slavish and unquestioning following helps to explain why some people on the Far Right have found themselves mesmerised by Corbyn and his acolytes.

Take, for example, the disturbing Far Right website deLiberation, which hails Corbyn as the “antidote to the Blairite virus and Zionist snake-bite”:

“Many certainly can see Corbyn as Prime Minister – a very different and totally new style of PM, to be sure [...] he’s a man to look up to and identify with [...] a man who is not tempted by the Israeli shekel. If any of his opponents lands the leadership Labour will remain under the yoke of Zionist ambitions and enslave by the gangster regime in Tel Aviv.”

To get an idea of the kind of Judeophobic rubbish published by deLiberation, consider the titles of some of the website’s articles: ‘Dismantling French Culture to Make It Jew Friendly’, ‘Uruguay’s Judaization,’ and ‘Jewish Inquisition in Argentina,’ the last of which condemns the “the global tentacles of Jewish power and its effects on the Western nations.”

What would Corbyn think if he knew his name was being associated with anti-Semitic propaganda inspired by Goebbels? Would he care?

Recently, the Far Right extremist Nick Griffin, former leader of the racist British National Party, took to Twitter to defend Ken Livingstone's controversial comments about Adolf Hitler:

"Hitler started war wanting to send all Jews to own homeland outside Europe & armed Zionist terrorists to fight Brits in Palestine. #RedKen," wrote Griffin.

Griffin then tweeted a message reading: "One day the world will know that #RedKen was right."

The Labour Party ought to be concerned that its political rhetoric and its ongoing associations with anti-Zionist organisations/individuals are being applauded by the extreme Right – not just the Islamist Far Right but the “white patriot” Far Right.

An ex-member of the British National Party told me that his former colleagues and Labour have a shared ‘interest’ in the Jews. “Fighting Zionist Jews is all-important to white patriots and the ultra-left. Patriots and socialists agree that there is a problem with Jewish lobbies and rich Zionists in Britain. Both have a massive problem with the State of Israel, which they see as the centre of Jewish power and control.”

I am not accusing Corbyn and Red Ken of being right-wing extremists in disguise. Not quite, anyway. But it has to be said there is a family resemblance between both ends of the political spectrum, which are connected by a series of overlapping similarities. It  cannot be denied that the British Far Left and the Far Right are rabidly anti-Zionist and anti-capitalist. Both are fixated with the Rothschilds and ‘money Jews.’

So perhaps it shouldn’t be a surprise that Corbyn and co are so attractive to the Far Left and the Far Right. As support for Corbyn and his recalibrated Labour Party remains solid, Britain’s official opposition may find that flitting from the Far Left to the Far Right is like going next door: it is no distance at all.