Video Blog: With Sheikh Farid Ja'abari

Earlier this week, during a visit to Hebron with members of Stand With Us, I had another opportunity to meet Sheikh Ja'abari, whom I've known for many years.
By way of introduction to the video blog, several points:
1. A number of years ago, it was brought to the Sheikh's attention that a group of leftists and Arabs planned on setting fire to a synagogue outside the gates of Kiryat Arba. He objected, saying that a synagogue is a place of prayer, and with that, prevented its being burned down.
2. This past summer I called Sheikh Ja'abari to with him a 'Ramadan Karim' - that is, a 'Happy Ramadan.' This was following the kidnapping of the three youth, but prior to the discovery that they'd been murdered. When the Sheikh heard my voice on the phone, his first words were, "David, there are people who do not want peace."
3. In the following clip, Sheikh Ja'abari spoke in Arabic. His words were translated into Hebrew and then into English. The translator preferred not to be seen, so he was 'cropped out' of the video. His translation into Hebrew can be heard. The English subtitles are mine.