Everybody loves Sweden

 It is a strange world.
In Stockholm, the Swedish Left party wanted to ban urinals because they consider them to be gender discrimination. Gender neutral toilets is one of their priorities.
Sweden also now has gender neutral pre-schools. That means the teachers and the children do not use the words "he", "she", "him" or "her". They use a genderless pronoun borrowed from the Finnish.

Toilets and gender neutrality are not the only things the feminist Stockholm city council discusses. They have recently been discussing how they are going to help the returning jihadis, who they say are traumatized. 
They have agreed on a number of proposals that they refer to as "customized" and "inclusive". This is deemed necessary to prevent stigmatization and further traumatization. 
The returning ISIS fighters will receive subsidized housing, free health care (physical and mental) and full financial support, until they are able to progress to earmarked jobs. Though work is not compulsory. All this will be fast-tracked past the queue of other people waiting for accommodation and jobs. 
So the quickest way to get subsidized housing in Stockholm is to join ISIS in Syria/Iraq, behead and/or decapitate infidels and enjoy yourself with some sex slaves. 
I was thinking. Why not give the financial support to the jihadis while they are in Syria/Iraq. This on condition they bring their sex slaves back with them. Then the sex slaves could also enjoy the benefits of gender neutral toilets.