All these past couple of weeks have told us is, that Abbas and the PLO given a state, would be just another Gaza and Lebanon. After 22 years, Oslo did not work out. The International Community is in no position to make demands on us, while it cannot resolve the very same issues of violence in their own nations. They are not helpful, and their demands put our nation at risk of survival. Abbas and the PLO must be removed and the International Community has to be understood that it is not suitable to be engaged with us on these issues.

Today, the vast majority of Arabs polled prefer life in Israel to that of any Arab nation. Israel is a “Liberal Democracy”, freedom of speech, religion, minority rights, orderly political structures, and the other benefits of a decent polity are accessible to its entire Arab population, as where the Palestinian Authority is not. Quality of life is the major factor, that Palestinians will choose living in Israel over life under Abbas and Hamas.

Israel, is not a “Melting Pot”, like so many western nations are. It is an “Integration”, where people keep their cultures, religion, traditions and habits without fear of assimilation into the social norm. This is not an easy thing, we have our share of alleged mistreatment and prejudice's because of it. Once we prevail on this, Arabs will have complete “Freedom”, that cannot be found in the Palestinian Authority, Gaza or any other Arab nation. We need to come together on community preparedness, emergency response and establish common goals. We can do it, if only there wasn't so much exposure to incitement, trying to separate peoples into two states, rather than us living together equally as one state. We need to eliminate all the devices that incite, promote violence, killing and keep us from functioning as the nation we are. Should we split into two states, we are teaching our children we cannot live together. Children only know what we teach them, we teach hate, they will hate. Enrolling all Arabs in Israels education system, would teach the qualities of life and will eliminate terrorist attacks. Staying as one state, gives us the opportunity to work, live and enjoy life together in a real “Peace”. Israel is the most civilized state in the Middle East, and the only one that fosters religious freedom.

Israel is a rich nation, with greater opportunities for its Arab population to improve financially, than they can find in neighboring Arab nations. A second state will never be able to take on the task, as a single state can. Israel provides programs and training for Arab public interest groups, social workers and other professionals on how to accommodate the needs of the Arab community, human and social services, women, health, housing, teacher training, social awareness, youth enrichment programs, employment opportunities all initially under the direction of various Israeli ministries.

Arabs living in Israel enjoy a vast improvement over the Arabs living in neighboring Arab states. Life in Gaza and the Palestinian Authority, is a humanitarian disaster, that are threatening the health, safety and well being of the community with inhumane conflict.

Tens of thousands of Israel’s Arab citizens attend universities in Israel, graduating as doctors, pharmacists, hi-tech professionals, economists, engineers and developers become well encompassed within Israels professional institutions.

Whenever Palestinian workers have the opportunity to work for Israeli employers, they are quick to quit their jobs with their Palestinian employers – for reasons having to do with salaries and other rights. The salaries of workers employed by Palestinians amount to less than half the salaries of those who work for Israeli employers in the West Bank. The Israeli work conditions are very good, with higher wages, better benefits, and include transportation, medical insurance and pensions. These things do not exist with Palestinian employers. Israel has forced its employers in the West Bank to pay Israeli minimum wage, insurance, pension, to Palestinian workers. According to the Palestinian Bureau of Statistics, Palestinians working in Israeli factories earn two-to-three times more than their fellow citizens working for Palestinian businesses. They also receive full benefits as deemed by Israeli law.

Deputy Head of the Samaria Regional Council Yossi Dagan recently commented on Jews and Arabs working side-by-side. Coexisting. There are 10 large industrial centers in Judea and Samaria, in which some 15,000 Palestinians work side by side with Israeli employees. At Barkan alone 3,000 Palestinians are employed together with 3,000 Israeli employees. They work together, earning the same wages, enjoying the same social benefits, vacation days and pension as prescribed by Israeli law. They go on trips together. Coexistence between the two peoples happens here, and all are awarded with a good and respectable livelihood.”

The BDS campaign against the Israeli company SodaStream which operated a plant in the West Bank settlement of Ma’ale Adumim, forced its relocation to the Negev, resulted in 900 Palestinians losing jobs.

The whole world seems to be talking about the future of the Palestinians, but no one has bothered to include them in such talks. The international community and the Israeli Left seem to take it for granted that they want to live under Abbas' control. They don't. Most of them despise Abbas and those around him, and want to stay in Israel. At least under Israeli control, they can speak their mind freely without being dumped in prison, as well as having a chance to earn an honest day's wage.

When Palestinian rule seemed most likely in 2000, the Israeli Interior Ministry reported a substantial increase in citizenship applications from many Arab residents about their not wanting to live under PA control. "They said—we are not like Gaza or the West Bank. We hold Israeli IDs. We are used to a higher standard of living. Even if Israeli rule is not so good, it is still better than that of the PA." Shalom Goldstein, an adviser on Arab affairs to the Jerusalem mayor, said likewise, "People look at what is happening inside the Palestinian-controlled areas today and say to themselves, 'Thank God we have Israeli ID cards.' In fact, most of the Arabs in the city prefer to live under Israeli rule, than under a corrupt and tyrannical regime of the PLO"

Over the years there were many states in which Jews can live, such as Germany, Poland, Russia, Hungary, Austria, France, Greece, Holland, Belgium, Spain, Italy, Syria, Jordan, Yemen, Afghanistan, just to name a few, they did not work out. In 1930 no Jew living in Germany had any idea, what their fellow countryman had intended for them. They had a good life, they practiced their Judaism.

Today, hostility towards Jews continue to be coming from nations, we would least expect it from. This is why Israel must remain a Jewish State,not a state in which Jews can live, with Jewish Leaders and Jewish Laws. Israel, is the nation that will always insure Jews they can always live as Jews without fear, as they experienced in the past with host nations that welcomed them. Israel is as much a Democratic Jewish state as any of the Democratic Christian states are. Israel gives its citizens of minority religions the same rights and benefits, including Arabs, as it gives everyone else.

Denmark, a democracy, has a cross on its flag, has its own language, its constitution establishes that the Evangelical Lutheran Church is the peoples church. It also grants its citizens freedom of religion. Citizens are entitled to from congregations for their worship of God in a manner consistent with their convictions provided that nothing is at variance with good moral and public order shall be taught. It also states that no person shall be for any reason of his creed or descent be deprived of access to complete engagement of his civil, political rights, and in any common duty.

England, a democracy, has a cross on its flag, has its own language, its English Law grants the Anglican Church, the church of England. The King or Queen of England is its supreme Governor of the church. All religions have a fundamental right, with no change in the status in respect for other religions.

Greece, a democracy, has a cross on its flag, has its own language, its constitution makes Eastern Orthodox the nations religion, it members receive social and political privileges over others. The governments funds the church and pays church leaders their salaries. Other religions enjoy complete freedom to practice and own property.

Iceland, a democracy, has a cross on its flag, has its own language, its constitution declares the Evangelical Lutheran Church the state church. It is completely controlled, supported and protected by the government. All persons have the right to form other religious practices and associations. Nobody may preach on which is prejudicial to good morals and public order. No one my lose any civil or national right on account of their religion. No one is obligated to pay dues to any religion they are not associated with as a member.

Norway, a democracy, has a cross on its flag, has its own language, its constitution states all inhabitants of the nation shall have the right to freely exercise their religion. The Evangelical Lutheran religion shall remain the official religion of the state. The inhabitants professing it will bound to bring up their children the same.

Sadly, with all this being said, these countries were not always there to protect their Jewish population. That is why Israel must remain a Jewish state. Israel can fit the needs of the Palestinian people better than any Arab or any other nation can. Its record on minorities speaks for itself!