It Is More Productive Not To Answer!

It is more productive not to answer!


Why do we spend 99.9% of our time answering adversaries? Aren't we playing into them? Isn't this, just what they want us to do, keep us from attending to our day, make us miserable and keeping us from getting on with our life? This is the only weapon they have to use against us. They know we cannot be defeated militarily so, they pursue to portray us as being unstable, a risk to investors, unsafe for tourists, harsh, cruel, inhuman and brutal to others. Their goal is to destroy us economically and politically. Debating them, leaves us with no time, money and human capital for attending to necessary matters, improving our lives and running our government. They believe that this pressure, stress and anxiety will psychologically isolate us and we will eventually disappear or conform to their demands. This is better known as “Brainwashing”!


We do not have to address, Jews for Justice, BDS, J Street, New Israel Fund, Jeremy Corbyn, Kerry, Obama, Clinton, Center for American Progress, Media Matters, Peace Now, One Voice, B'Tselem, Roger Waters, Code Pink, Mahmoud Abbas, Saeb Erekat, Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei, Marsha Levine, Stephen Hawking, Didier Reynders, Federica Mogherini, Lars Faaborg-Andersen, the hostile voices of Ireland, Sweden, Belgium, France, Luxembourg, Malta, and the lot. They are identity challenged, lost, and irrelevant. Ignore them, and they will go away.


We can beat them and win the PR war against them by not challenging what they say. Our answers to them are giving them exposure, helping them voice their platform to a greater audience, and providing them with a stage in which they speak. Many, would never know of their existance, if we did not address them.

Excluding, ignoring and ostracizing these guys, giving them the silent treatment, will keep them emotionally and physically drained, and impotent. This will give us the position we need to alter the perceptions, attitude, behavior, and performance of their focus groups that they are reaching to hurt us. It will question what they say, when no responses are noticed. It will turn the tables around in our favor, taking control, putting them on the defense and us on the offense. Doing just this will question their credibility and make them worthless to their target base at any attempt to trash us. Most important, it will change the opinions of us, to a favorable light to all those they are reaching.


Isolating our adversaries often leads to stress and they become anxious. When snubbed and excluded they actually feel social chills. We know that isolation is bad for our health. Those that are isolated, have higher blood pressure, become more vulnerable to infections, have greater issues with their sleep patterns, logical reasoning, and even have negative responses in their immune system, such as irregular unleashing of stress hormones and inflammation.


We want our adversaries to understand, when we dump them without explanation and offer no response, there isn’t much they can do to hurt us. We freed ourselves of anything we may have to do with them. We are unwilling to discuss it, it is not their business. The message is clear, we don’t need and want their help. Ignoring them and not responding to them weakens their bond among their own. Friendships need to be reciprocal, this is not a case of friendship. There are no benefits for us to respond. We have already been there. A no response is an answer, A very strong answer. We are past that. They will just have to accept the disappointment, cut their losses, and move on to other friendships. They really aren’t qualified. They lack experience, and they lack the language for this deliberation. Saying this, be benefit greatly, when we ignored them!.


We will not change the perception and the state of mind of our adversaries by debating them. Answer them, only by way of those that are supportive, never to them directly. They are not the only voice of the planet. Nothing we say will make a difference, it will never change their thinking, so don’t even try.


Should you be in a situation that you want to receive your adversaries post remember to send it back with:

Administrator Mail Delivery System – could not be delivered.”


And, If you must answer them, remember to include: “DO-NOT-REPLY"


We need more posts, chats, notices, articles and blogs about the World Cup, jobs, higher pay, family, paying off car and student loans, reducing the cost of cream cheese, affordable housing, better enrichment programs for our children, quality education, infectious diseases, reduced taxes, relationships, pollution, conservation, clean air, reliable energy, water, protecting forests, rivers, and oceans, toxic waste, political waste, productive government, gender equality, improved transportation, road repairs, work outs, diet, community services, poverty, cost of living, quality time, wealth management, safety, health care, retirement, child care, hunger, elderly, anxiety, stress, mental health, depression, obesity, alcohol and drug abuse, bulling, food safety, drugs, Autism, financial instability, making ends meet, debt, arthritis, heart disease, cancer, respiratory diseases, Alzheimer's, osteoporosis, diabetes, influenza, pneumonia, substance abuse, obesity, depression, shingles, HIV, AIDS, suicide, gambling, global epidemics, clean water. And the world would understand that their narrative about us is only between themselves, not us. They do not have our attention. There is no benefit and serves no purpose to include them in these narratives. As always, we are the “Master of our Destiny”, and we will make good on it, without them.