King Abdullah of Jordan, Birthright, Mecca!

King Abdullah of Jordan, Birthright, Mecca!

Defense Minister Moshe Ya'alon this past Friday met with King Abdullah of Jordan, during the security conference in Munich. The two discussed the bilateral relations between the two countries, recent developments in the region and the prospects of promoting the peace process between Israel and the Palestinians.

Abdullah I bin al-Hussein was especially anxious to take Jerusalem as compensation for the loss of his guardianship of Mecca, which had traditionally held by the Hashemites until Ibn Saud had seized the Hejaz.

Sharif Hussein bin Ali rebelled against the rule of the Ottomans. After the collapse of Ottoman power, Hussein bin Ali ruled the independent Hejaz, of which he proclaimed himself king, with the tacit support of the British. Hussein bin Ali's chief rival in the Arabian Peninsula, was the King of the Najd, Ibn Saud, who annexed the Hejaz and established his own son, Faysal bin Abdulaziz Al Saud as its governor. The region was later incorporated into Saudi Arabia. The genealogical tree of the Hashemite family shows that they are direct descents from the prophet Muhammad.

Abdullah, proposed to Golda Meir the creation "of an autonomous Jewish canton within a Hashemite kingdom”. After conquering the West Bank, including East Jerusalem, he told Golda Meir, “I will take over the whole country and you will be represented in my parliament. I will treat you very well and there will be no war”. He just might have had something there, if it was the other way around and it was Golda Meir that offered him that Israel is prepared to do the same for him, as he suggested for her. Jordan would have been a financially strong free western democratic nation today, like Israel.


Abdullah I bin al-Hussein, King of Jordan, 1882 – 1951 born in Mecca, Hejaz in modern day Saudi Arabia. From 1909 to 1914, Abdullah sat in the Ottoman legislature, as deputy for Mecca, was allied with Britain during World War I, working with the British guerrilla leader TE Lawrence. He played a key role as architect and planner against Ottoman rule, leading guerrilla raids on its garrisons. In 1910, Abdullah's father was the Grand Sharif of Mecca a post for which Hussein acquired British support. In the following year he became deputy for Mecca in parliament acting as an intermediary between his father and the Ottoman government. In 1914, Abdullah paid a clandestine visit to Cairo seeking British support for his father's ambitions in Arabia. He encouraged his father to enter into talks with the British's high commissioner in Egypt, about Arab independence from Turkish rule. He worked closely with the French Captain Muhammand Ould Ali Raho in sabotaging the Hejaz Railway.


The British rewarded Abdullah, establishing a protectorate for him, on the “East Bank” of Palestine, Transjordan, to compensate for his losses in Saudi Arabia and for his service to the “Crown”. Here in Jordan, Britain established the Arab Legion headed by Britain's own, John Bagot Glubb between 1930 and 1956. Britain gave Jordan its independence in 1946. Abdullah, in 1947, wished to annex all of Palestine. On May 4 1948, Abdullah, as a part of the effort to seize as much of Palestine as possible, sent in the Arab Legion to attack the Israeli settlements in the Etzion Bloc. After conquering the West Bank, including East Jerusalem, King Abdullah tried to suppress any trace of a Palestinian Arab national identity there. Abdullah, annexed the conquered territory and granted the Palestinian Arab residents there, Jordanian citizenship. In1951, Abdullah, was assassinated by a member of the Husseini clan.


We do not have to label goods coming in from the EU and the US into Israel. We know exactly from whom they are coming from. The ovens, the execution of children, infants, the piles of decomposed bodies are all deeply embedded in the minds of every Jew. The recent EU and US labeling of West Bank goods is just their next chapter in their “Final Solution” to rid Jews off the face of this planet. From the 1920 British Mandate of Palestine onward, these guys did everything possible to see that a Jewish state in Palestine would never come into existence. Even during the1930's Palestine would have been the solution for the unwanted European Jews. Not only did European leaders do anything to help the Jews reach Palestine, each and every one of them had a hand in assisting the Nazi's one way or another in their efforts to totally annihilate the Jewish people. Why did the League of Nations not provide a “Mandate” for Germany, when immediately after World War I, there was much talk in Germany that they would continue their war effort which they did, leading the world into World War ll?

Antisemitism in Europe and the US is the result of many years of teaching hate and bigotry. You hear it from politicians, the media, schools, and parents. It has past on from generation to generation. If the EU and the US were truly committed to seeing Peace in our region, they would help Israel improve the lives of Palestinians, provide them the necessities to live, a university education, jobs, health care, as Israel provides for them. US and EU demands on Israel incites terror, and offers no benefits to the Palestinians or Israel. While Obama is at odds with much of the worlds leaders, there is unrest, anarchy and bloodshed throughout our region, that goes on day after day without his ability to stop it. Obama and the US are no longer an influential power in our region. Kerry comes to talks as an attendee, not a participant. Obama's level of diplomacy is below international standards, as it starts with “Chicken Shit” and works its way down. More than 250,000 have died in Syria, with millions homeless. There is fighting across our region where there is a visible EU and US presence, but they cannot bring relief and stop it. So, just what is it, any of us can expect from these guys that they can do for us?

Palestinian life under Israeli rule in the West Bank has had a vast improvement since the “67 War, over that before the war under Jordan's rule. If the EU and US are pressing Israel to make peace to protect their interests in the Middle East mainly oil, which they can buy anywhere, Israels technology and defense industry are also in their interests. So, there is no reason they cannot pressure the Palestinians to make concessions and give up land for the sake of peace. Palestinians deserve better than life under Hamas and Abbas. World leaders understand this, but that is not their goal. Israel alone can provide the Palestinians the same life of those enjoyed in the EU, US and Israel, therefore Israel must continue its agenda to do just that without US and EU interference.

The Saudi conquest of Hashemite Kingdom of Hejaz, by Saudi Sultan Abdulaziz Ibn Saud incorporating it into the Saudi domain, was the result of hostilities between Nejd and Hejaz when the pilgrims from Nejd were denied access to the holy places in Hejaz. The Islamic Conference held in Riyadh in 1924, brought a wide Islamic recognition of Ibn-Saud’s jurisdiction over Mecca, as well as all the conquests over all of Arabia that fell to the House of Saud. The Hashemites are the royal family of the Hejaz. The family belongs to the Dhawu Awn, one of the branches of the Hasanid Sharifs of Mecca, who ruled Mecca continuously from the 10th century until its conquest by the House of Saud in 1924. Their eponymous ancestor is the great-grandfather of the prophet, Muhammad. From the 10th century onward, the Sharif of Mecca and its Emir was, by traditional agreement, was a Hashemite. Before World War I, Hussein bin Ali of the Hashemite Dhawu Awn clan ruled the Hejaz on behalf of the Ottoman sultan. This today, is King Abdullah of Jordan's “Birthright”, and deserves a homecoming.

Return to Israel the 1920 British Mandate borders. Shut down the Palestinian Authority. End the Oslo Accords. Fly Abbas and the PLO back to Tunis. Allow the Hasamites to return and reestablish their Kingdom in Saudi Arabia, if they should choose. Should King Abdullah choose to stay, he can remain at the throne as King of the Hashemite Kingdom. No one has to move, all those that do not wish to live with us in a Jewish state can move to the “East Bank”. All those that do not wish to be Israeli citizens in Israel, can have “East Bank” citizenship, but Israeli laws and civil rights will still apply. Allow Palestinian leadership to flourish in the “East Bank”, with Israel's oversight, resources, security, defense, civil right laws and jurisdiction. Give Palestinians in the “East Bank” their own citizenship, to be governed by its own leadership that will truly bring their people a world of good,live,work and enjoy life with Israel in a real “Peace”.


Promoting Abbas, PLO and Hamas for Palestinian statehood, is not going to do any justice to the people they will rule. It will not improve their lives and will not be a sustainable state. It will only have to be attached to Israels economy to survive. Only Israel, can put this issue to rest, where the EU,US and UN have proven there is nothing they can do to help the Palestinians. The US and EU have the very same issues of violence and deaths in their own country that they can't contain, so why would any of us believe that they can resolve any of these issues for us, here? We can pull this off, on our own and without anybody's help. We are in a far better position today, than when David Ben Gurion, declared our independence against the wishes of the world power and the threat of war. We do not need anybody's blessings to do this. Just think, the “East Bank” will have a western style democracy, economy, and culture, that can be bought to the same level as Israels, a life that cannot be found anywhere in the Arab Middle East.