Why Attack The EU And US When They Are Fighting Your Fight?

Why Attack The EU And US When They Are Fighting Your Fight?
Golda Meir, had said, “Peace will come when the Arabs will love their children more than they hate us”. The very same can be said today for the EU, US, and the UN.
Don't Americans and Europeans care more about their children, than support terror organizations in their war against the Jews? Why are they willing to have terror roam their nations, killing their own people in the name of removing Jews from their homes in Israel? Are the death and destruction that these terror groups bring, really worth the price the EU and US are paying fighting Israel? The systematic extermination of Jews over the past 2000 years in Europe is enough to convince these terror groups that Europe has the same goals to eradicate Jews as they. So, why are they killing them Europeans and Americans?
EU demands that Israel, label goods coming from the post '67 areas, return to the 1967 lines, establish a Palestinian state, remove its Jews from the west bank, back a UN blacklist on its goods and services boycotting settlements and industry beyond the 1967 line, take in Palestinian refugees from camps in Syria, Gaza, Lebanon and Jordan, halt demolition of the homes of terrorists, and leave east Jerusalem for the Palestinian state capital. Any of these would place Israels population in jeopardy, leave the nation defenseless, unsustainable, and expose it to total destruction and the EU, US and UN understand this. What makes them believe we would comply? They don't, they just want to continue their war of attrition against us until we can't take it anymore and surrender the Jewish state to the Palestinians. Hitlers “Final Solution” completed.
This is not about improving the lives of the Palestinians, for at no time are they asking Abbas, the PLO and Hamas to see that their people enjoy the same rights and benefits as the people in the US and the EU do.
The Islamic State has trained at least 400 fighters to target Europe in deadly waves of attacks. The attackers from the cell that carried out the Paris attacks are scattered across Germany, Britain, Belgium, Italy, Denmark, Sweden and Turkey, with training that is now taking place in Iraq, Syria and Libya.
Maybe, one can best understand the terrorists reasoning, when they see them behead a person after they force that very same person to convert to Islam or is It just that the EU and US are being punished by the terrorists for all the sins they have committed against Islam in the past 1000 years?
In the wake of the deadly terrorist attacks at Zaventem Airport and Maelbeek metro station in Brussels that killed 34 people and wounded 270 others, in which the Islamist suicide bombers were known to police and yet they still managed to access the airport’s departure hall. One would think now European countries will get serious about adopting tough Israeli screening methodologies, long considered the world’s best practices, and team up with Israel in fighting terror instead of fighting Israel fighting terror? The attacks in Brussels point to “a colossal failure” of Belgian security, that would never have happen in Israel.
A security guard who worked at a Belgian nuclear plant was murdered and his pass was stolen, this Saturday. The security guard's badge was deactivated as soon as it was discovered he had been shot dead in the Charleroi region of Belgium and his badge stolen.
This could have been prevented, as well as all other terror attacks in Europe and in the US, if only their leaders would share their security concerns with Israel, and be sensitive to Israels security requirements. Its time for Europe to start using Israeli know how, security technologies, and join the fight with Israel against terrorism and not fight Israel's existence. Europeans, need effective intelligence measures even at the price of practices that could be seen as unfairly targeting Muslim travelers. Israel has a success record unmatched to any US and EU tools for preventing terrorism.
Israel needs to take the media challenge. It must overcome public sympathy for terrorism. Effective penetrating capabilities to disarm the bad guys, foil their attempts to murder and education will actually bring a normal relationship with supporters of the terrorists and its sympathizers.
Europeans have to join Israel, it has a lot of know how when it comes to early detection and coping with a terrorist incident. Israel is well financed, has a well staffed intelligence services, has invested resources, public trust, and is the key to preventing terror attacks as well as preventing “poisonous politics of racist groups” in reaction to such attacks.
This will require a shift in thinking among European and US policy makers, who tend to dismiss Israeli security experts’ advice to focus on identifying the enemy. The capacity to differentiate and monitor the activities of people and have reason to worry about requires a fairly different mindset than has prevailed for many years in much of Europe and the US. This will create more openings for intelligent dialogue between Israel, the US and European security services.
Israel owes Europe and the US nothing. They are too many times their foes, adversaries, and assailants. Israels relations with them speaks for itself. The best response to their ongoing attacks on Israel is, to remove the inciters of hate against them and those that keep Israel apart from favorable relations with Europe and the US. Abbas and the PLO must be replace with Palestinian leadership, that can bring their people a world of good, work, live and enjoy life with Israel in a real “Peace”. The EU, US and Abbas are not our partners in peace, they are the enemies of their own people, not just Israels. This cannot go on forever. Israel can put this issue to rest, on their own and without anybody's help!
Here is a partial list of terror attacks that could have been avoided, if they accepted Israels ability to help them in the US:
December 2, 2015,San Bernardo 2 shooters, entered the county public health center killing 14 and wounded 22
July 16, 2015 Chattanooga, 5 killed in drive-by shootings on a military recruiting center by a Jordanian terrorist
May 3, 2015 Garland, 2 ISIS inspired gunmen were killed when they shot a guard at a "Muhammad Art Exhibit"
Dec. 20, 2014, New York, 2 policeman were ambushed & killed by a mosque member with anti-police activity
October 23, 2014 New York, a convert to Islam, was shot dead after an attack on 4 policeman with a hatchet
September 24, 2014, Moore, a plant worker in Moore, Oklahoma, beheaded his coworker & stabbed another
April 15, 2013 Boston, 3 killed, 2 police, & over 200 injured by pressure-cooker bombs at the Boston Marathon
November 26, 2010, Portland, a Somali-American attempted to set off a car bomb at a Christmas tree lighting
May 1, 2010, New York, A Pakistan ignited a bomb under a car in Times Square, but it failed to explode.
November 5, 2009 Fort Hood, a Muslim Army major, killed 13 & injured over 30 during a shooting rampage
June 1, 2009, Little Rock, a Muslim convert killed a soldier in a drive-by shooting on a military recruiting station.
July 28, 2006, Seattle, a Pakistani-American shot 6 women at the Jewish Federation killing 1.
March 3, 2006, Chapel Hill, 9 students were injured as an Iranian drove his Jeep into a crowd of students
October 2-24 2002, Washington, DC, 10 people killed by the Beltway Snapper
July 4, 2002 Los Angeles, an Egyptian killed 2 & wounded 4 at the El Al counter at LAX International Airport
Sept. 11, 2001, NY, DC, PA, 2,996 dead as terrorists crash into the World Trade Center, Pentagon, & a Pennsylvania field.
Here is a partial list of attacks that could have been avoided if they have included Israel for help in fighting terrorism from abroad:
March 25 2016, Iskanderiya, Islamic State left 29 dead, 60 wounded at Iraqi Football Stadium,
March 22, 2016 Brussels, 34 dead, 270 wounded at Zaventem Airport & Maelbeek Metro Station
March 19, 2016 Istanbul, 4 killed, 36 wounded by a suicide bomber on a main shopping street
March 13, 2016, Grand Bassam, al Qaeda left 18 dead, 33 wounded at the Étoile du Sud Ivory Coast hotel
February 26, 2016, Mogadishu, al-Shabbab killed 15 people detonating a bomb at the SYL hotel
January 15, 2016 Bukina Faso, al Qaeda raided a luxury hotel taking 170 hostages, leaving with 30 dead
January 14, 2016 Jakarta, a series of bombings & shootings left 8 dead, & 24 people were wounded
January 12, 2016, Istanbul, a suicide bombing left 13 tourists dead and 14 people injured.
November 20, 2015, Mali, al Qaeda took 170 hostages & killed 20 at the Radisson Bamako hotel
November 24, 2015, Tunis, an ISIS bomber killed 13 Tunisian presidential guards in a bus attack
Nov.13, 2015: ISIS-linked extremists attacked the Bataclan concert hall and other sites across Paris, killing 130
Oct.12, 2015, Beirut, 43 dead double suicide bombing of Sunni militants linked to al Qaeda
Oct. 31, 2015, Egypt, Russian jet crashes killing all 224 people on board, the Islamic State claims responsibility
Oct. 10, 2015, Ankara, Turkey, twin suicide bombings kills 95 people, by the Islamic State
July 20, 2015, Turkey, Islamic State suicide bombing in a Kurdish border town that kills at least 31 people,
June 26, 2015, Tunisia, a gunman storms a beach resort killing 37 people. Islamic State claims responsibility.
June 26, 2015, France, a man decapitates his boss at a U.S.-owned industrial gas plant in southeastern France.
April 2, 2015,Kenya gunmen storm Garissa university, leaving 150 dead by Somalia Islamist group al-Shabaab.
March 18, 2015, Tunis,shooting at the Bardo National Museum, kills 21. Islamic State claims responsibility.
Jan. 7, 2015, Paris, Islamist kill 17 at Paris satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo and a kosher market in the city.
Jan. 7, 2015: Baga, Boko Haram attack in Nigeria that left as many as 2,000 people dead., mostly children
Dec. 16, 2014, Pakistan, Taliban kills 148 schoolchildren, shooting them in the head and setting them on fire
May 24, 2014, Brussels, 4 people murdered at the Jewish Museum of Belgium by a Frenchman with ties to ISIS
Sept. 21, 2013: Nairobi, al-Shabaab Gunmen attack the Westgate mall, killing 67 wounding 175.
May 22, 2013: 2 Al Qaeda terrorists run down British soldier Lee Rigby in a London, stab and hack him to death.
March 11, 2012: Toulouse, Aal-Qaida gunman kill 3 Jewish schoolchildren, a rabbi and 3 paratroopers
Nov. 2, 2011 Paris, Charlie Hebdo is firebombed after the magazine featured a caricature of Muhammad.
Nov. 26, 2008, Mumbai, 10 Pakistani terrorists attack luxury hotels, a Jewish center killing 166 people
Sept. 20, 2008, Islamabad, Taliban sets a truck with explosives in front of the Marriott Hotel, killing more than 50
July 7, 2005, London 4 coordinated suicide bombers rip through London subway trains and a bus, killing 52
Sept. 1, 2004, Beslan, 330 dead,half of them children, after Islamist terrorists take 1,200 people hostage
March 11, 2004, Madrid, bomb on 4 Spanish commuter trains kills 191 people by al Qaeda-linked terror cell.
Nov. 20, 2003 Istanbul, Al-Qaida bombings at 2 synagogues, the British consulate and HSBC Bank kill 50
Aug. 5, 2003: Jakarta, Jemaah Islamiyah bombed The Marriott Hotel killing 12 people
Oct. 23, 2002, Russia,132 people & 40 terrorists dead, after Chechens hold 1000 hostages at Moscow's Dubrovka Theater
Oct. 12, 2002, Bali, 202 dead, by an al Qaeda affiliated Islamist terror group car bomb on 2 nightclubs