“A letter to King Abdullah II of Jordan” – turned a rebuttal

 Why King Abdullah II Is Angry With Mr. Netanyahu, rebuttal

My steadfast on truth and reality, a reply to Nehad Ismail in his article "Why King Abdullah II Is Angry With Mr. Netanyahu."  

I am glad you took the time to read my article. However, I never know whether to scold or pity the Arabs' distortion of history, which leads them to think and believe that they own the land of Israel. They do not, never did.

Though you did not like my lengthy opening, explaining who founded the City of David, Jerusalem, and who has the first right to the city, my intention was to educate people with the hope that for once you and the like of you learn the truth and facts, rather than believe in self-created lies which have been carried on for way too long. Too many people prefer to live in a delusional world. That attitude creates the situation on Har-Habayit-Temple Mount.

What Agreement Allows Temple Mount To Be A Political Pawn

What I am puzzled about is where in any peace agreement, between Israel and the Arabs, the Arabs who decided to change their name to "Palestinians" for anti-Israel political purposes, is there a clause that permits and in fact promotes to use Temple Mount as a political pawn in the ugliest form and means ever seen and used in such a holy place, a place holy to the Arabs as well. Arabs have always been perpetrators of terror and destabilization. Now they are using the site as their religion fig leaf to destabilize the status-quo on Temple Mount.

Since under the 1994 peace treaty, the Waqf maintains the Al-Aqsa mosque, does this maintenance contract include harassing Jews who come to pray there, hoarding rocks and explosives to violently riot against Jews who come to pray on the site which is holy to them too? Is there anything in Islam which is not violent, physically or vocally? Is there anything in Islam that commands you of harmonious coexistence with the rest of the world?

You unwisely write, "Jewish extremists, who call the area the Temple Mount, want to demolish the mosque and erect a Jewish temple on its ruins. The right-wing deputies in the Knesset are trying to pass a law that would undermine Jordan's role and allow Jewish worshipers access to the mosque. Both Jordan and the Palestinian Authority reject such plans."


Let us dissect this statement, one sentence piece at the time.

Jews and Temple Mount

You write, "Jewish extremists, who call the area the Temple Mount."

I comment: I have no idea why you refer to "Jewish extremists who call the area Temple Mount," when every Jew on earth calls the site Temple Mount because it is there, on this Mount, where two Jewish Temples stood and were destroyed by aggressive foreign forces.

Jews Are Not Planning to Destroy Mosques

I continue, Arabs are filled with imagination and self-imposed lies upon which they act. Where did you read that anyone in Israel "want to demolish the mosque and erect a Jewish temple on its ruins?" Unlike Arabs and Moslems who destroy the holy sites of others, and we are a witness to this behavior today, Jews will never do such an unholy act. So calm down and stop living the lies you perpetrate. Israel is not going to demolish ANY mosque.

Jordan's Role on Temple Mount

As for, "The right-wing deputies in the Knesset are trying to pass a law that would undermine Jordan's role and allow Jewish worshippers access to the mosque." Jordan's role on Temple Mount, was and is to administer the site so that Moslems and Jews, alike, are able to practice their religion there, according to the freedom of religion act. However, it is becoming clearer that Moslems cannot live in a system that allows all folks their religious freedom. Moslems believe that they are in a world of their own and must impose their religion's presence on others and they are prepared to kill for that.

Jordan has earned the "undermine Jordan's role" move because it has mismanaged, disrespected and violated every aspect of this holy site and does not deserve to have the right to maintain it. Had Jordan, the Waqf, or both acted civilized and respectful and allowed freedom of worshiping be the guideline of managing the site, along which Jews were allowed to worship on the Mount as well, it would have never come to this point. You earned this one too.

I have been on Temple Mount several times, when Jews were allowed to visit there without intimidation, fear and interruption and I am a witness that there is enough room there to build a Jewish Temple as well. And why not? Foreign forces destroyed the Jewish temples that stood there long before your Al-Aqsa mosque was built on the ruins of the Jewish Temples.

A little history: King Solomon built the first Temple 957 BCE. Cyrus the Great started building the second temple in 538 BCE. The dome of the rock started in the 7th century (691).

I am not religious nor an "extremist" Jewess and I would love Israel to build a temple on the ruins of Temple One and Temple Two. If your Al-Aqsa mosque can stand on our Temples' ruins why not a Jewish Temple?

Palestinian Authority Rejection

As for your remark, "Jordan and the Palestinian Authority reject such plans," they are not the owners of the land, never were. As far as I am concerned they are unwarranted guests who overstayed their visit.

Your next paragraph: "While Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's government has allowed Jewish extremists to enter the site, provoking worshippers and leading to intermittent clashes between Palestinians and Israeli soldiers." If I did not know better I would say how dare the Jews behave that way? So allow me to correct you and your followers' readers.

Jews who go to pray at the Temple Mount are not at all extremists. I think every Jew who visits Jerusalem and comes to pray at the Western Wall would love to ascend on the Mount and pray one more prayer. I am repeating myself, I am a secular Jewess, but a proud Jewess. I want to be able to ascend on the Mount and pray there each time I visit Jerusalem. Please tell us what is wrong with this wish? Does my prayer in any way provoke and disturb any Moslem praying there? I do not think so. So why is there a riot each time a Jew appears on the Mount to pray?

You mention, "Clashes between Palestinians and Israeli soldiers." These are the results of the behavior of the thugs and terrorists who barricade themselves on the Mount for one reason only, to cause trouble and cause public disturbances. I am told they act upon orders from King Abdullah of Jordan, the Palestinian Authority and other Islamic forces who use the Mount as a political pawn to irritate and subvert Israel. I don't know whose orders they are following, but I don't see the Waqf stopping it, so that could be true. Whatever is the case, that must end soon because it is an unacceptable behavior by any measure.


You continue, "The Israeli government knows very well that such provocations in Jerusalem have led to the deterioration of Israeli-Jordan relations." Really? And who caused it? Look in the mirror for once, if only for once. I am disgusted as very many others are disgusted and not all of them are Jews. We are repulsed to see that what you call a holy site has become one other of the Arabs' tool to flame rejection of Jewish existence.

As for Moshe Dayan, who, in 1967 was Israel's Defence Minister and who ordered the removal of the Israeli flag from Temple Mount, this was one huge act of hubris, a mistake made by an unauthorized man. Israel has been paying dearly for that act and has tried to walk on eggshells to keep from another war outbreak due to Islamic threats.

Occupying What?

You write, "The Israeli occupation forces..." Can you explain exactly what Israel is occupying? When I read the words "occupation" "occupying," referring to Israel I personally lose my peace of mind, I cringe with disgust. Instead of me explaining who occupied and occupies and what, I would like you to give readers your expert reply.

As I See It

If Jordan falls into the events of the Islamic revolution disaster, which in the last three years has torn apart the entire Middle East and made the entire region a terror and killing field, I guarantee you that Israel will not sit idle to see IS, ISIL or any other Islamic terror franchise take over Jordan. In that case I personally wish and pray that the east bank of the Jordan River land is returned to Israel. After all it belongs to the Jews, if not because of the Bible and history, then because it was allocated to the Jewish People by the world supreme powers after WWI (San Remo Mandate: Israel's 'Magna Carta'. It was also illegally taken away from the Jews, by Britain, and was given to the Hashemites in order to maintain Britain's good will with the oil-producing Arabs.

I say it again, peace means harmony. If Jordan cannot maintain peace and harmony with Israel, and Arabs go back to their belligerent behavior, then I suggest everyone keep in mind 1967.

Israel has been overly tolerant to the misbehavior of the Arabs.

All Jews and Israelis want to see the end of the lies, the end of the anti-Semitism and the anti-Zionism among the Arabs and the Moslems that rot your societies. Grow up, learn to live and let live already. Learn to respect other people's religion even if they are Jews.ews.